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“The View” co-hosts claimed Tuesday that Florida’s H.B. 1557 is “shaming” LGBTQ children and their families.

The bill prohibits educators from teaching children about sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten through third grade and requires schools to notify the student’s parents of health care treatments, screenings and well-being questionnaires. The legislation passed the state Senate on Tuesday with a 22-17 vote, after passing the House on Feb. 24.

The article goes on to state the following:

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg claimed the teaching of sexual orientation and gender identity has “never been happening” in elementary schools. She then suggested the bill is “shaming” LGBTQ children and “punishing” teachers who want to help them.

Toward the end of the segment, former Trump aide Stephanie Grisham, a guest co-host, announced that her 14-year-old son came out as gay.

“He didn’t want to tell his friends where I worked – he was ashamed of where I worked – rightfully so…” she declared in a pointed slam against Trump. Grisham claimed the Florida bill “is making children feel different.”


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  1. They’re like those scammers that call your home trying to convince you of something to steal your money except they’re on TV trying to scam you and take the last shred of common sense and for some they buy into the scam.

  2. Well if the view says it then it must be true. The amazing thing to me is that even with all the crap going on we still have these idiots that cannot learn. I watched the view once, that’s all it took. Their opinions mean nothing and no one is going to be influenced by them except airheads like themselves

  3. What is the big deal about not teaching gender education to tiny kids? They will learn in time without it being crammed down their throats. Funny those kids that walked out they don’t look 4,5,6, or 7. Let each state do their best for their population.if they don’t like Florida’s laws they should move.

  4. You idiot racist witches! You’re so friggin stupid to even be discussing this garbage!! How dare ya’ll even think that these damn teachers have any business telling anybody’s children about anything except reading, writing & math. What dumbasses these idiots are. Cancel these cows plzzzzzxz

  5. It might not be happening now but you & the democrats sure are trying to get it in. And the don’t say gay is not even in the bill. Numnuts. A parent is the one who should talk to the child about sex not the school. What ever happened to the high standards that a teacher had to meet years ago? Cause they sure don’t have to now

  6. Well Whoopi is gay and she should shut the fuck out and the rest witches. School should have teachers that are not gay and the kids in school should be taught what they are suppose to teach not sex. And the view show should be out because all of us people don’t like these gay gals. The hell to all including asshole Whoopi kick her out with the rest.

  7. Propaganda, this bill is not what those who protest say it is. They will continue to take away the rights of parents to parent their own children. It’s all a part of the big plan… I celebrate every time they lose.

  8. Interesting that Whoopi, of all people, can unequivocally say this was NEVER taught in schools. I doubt she’s been in a school for decades. I love the fact that this bill will protect these young minds.

  9. It is quite the opposite. The small population of lgbtq are pushing discrimination and hare against normal people. Yes I said it…”normal”. LGBTQs are not normal and represent sickness.

  10. Democrats believe the earlier you teach a child the better to insensitive their thinking and emotions. Indoctrination at a young age just helps the government to control the children as they grow to adulthood. What’s the best way to change America future then take control of education. Children in some states are pushing for distorted lessons in sexual activities. They seem to think if the sexual books are drawings of sexual acts it’s makes it more acceptable. Destroying the family unit means teaching liberal ways. Destroy patriotism, values, morales, respect for authority, faith, is their plan to have children that will accept socialism, communism. This is their deep plans.


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