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“The View” co-host Joy Behar claimed Tuesday that Republicans are the ones “who want to cancel everything” to prevent Americans from becoming “woke.”

The co-hosts played footage of Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo criticizing President Joe Biden and the left’s “wokeness,” their treatment of school boards and labeling of the country as “racist.”

The article goes on to state the following:

“What gets me is they talk about the cancel culture as if they’re not involved in the canceling,” Behar said. “They’re the ones who want to cancel LGBT rights, abortion rights, ‘Don’t Say Gay’ in Florida, they’re burning the books, [Republican Wyoming Rep.] Liz Cheney — they’re the ones who are canceling and they’re the ones who seem to be worried wokeness. Because if you listen and read about critical race theory, you might become more woke.”

“Is that what they’re talking about? They don’t want you to be more woke and informed about history?” Behar asked.


Behar argued that the “extreme right” has become the Republican Party, but the far left is not the Democratic Party.

“I don’t agree,” co-host, Michelle Collins said. “I think you’ve got your extreme left and you’ve got your extreme right. The largest party in America are the Independents … I think there is a spectrum. I don’t just think you can say ‘this side good, that side bad.’ I think there is a lot of in between and I think that’s what’s getting lost in America.”



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  1. Fed up with listening to this BS. Joy its all of the Socialist Democrats who are canceling everything. Since you all hate this country so much. Put up, shut up and go home and pack your bags and move to Russia or China. See how you would be treated.

  2. To bad that history is built on basic lies. Let’s ask a question since blm is so special and they alone built this country in their retarded minds . Who sold the black people into slavehood as it were? Anyone ,I’ll give you a hint their own people did . But whites are the racists. We marched with king ,we backed people being treated equally who didn’t. That’s right democrats didn’t stand up for civil rights. They started the kkk but blame white Republicans. So joy here’s a clue from me to you go 🖕 asshole leftist trash . You don’t teach my kid how bad they are because they are white ill slap the taste right outta your traitors mouth you don’t even support Jewish people .

    • You are so right when the slave ships came to The continent of Africa, it was black Africans who went into the tribes and asked their people if they wanted to go to America for a new life. They tricked their own people for money and sold them to the slave ships.

  3. Don’t care nor would I ever atch the view. And I did not read a word of this post. Would not give them a second of my time.

  4. Let’s think this through. Who has the Presidency, the Administration,the Senate and the House? Oh, the Democrats. Who calls for canceling and doxxing anyone who disagrees with the Democrats? Oh the Democrats and their supporters. Who called to defund the Police? Oh the Democrats? And you still think it’s the minority Repubicans canceling everyone. Grow a brain.

  5. If she wants CRT because it’s going to teach some truth, then include some black-on-white crime stats vs white on black, for starters. They don’t like THAT kind of truth.

  6. I have yet to hear that the one brooding hens apologized for worrying about her nice trip to Italy while people are getting killed… A conservative or Republican would have probably had calls to be fired or the whole show cancelled.

  7. WHO in their right mind pays attention to what these women have to say??? Please CANCEL it!!
    What a waste of air time!!

  8. Joy sucks. I’m going to Italy, originally to attend my daughter’s graduation ceremony, but now it is a trip to pack her up and get her home before and if things spread and get worse. I’m going to help my family members who are taking in evacuees dogs to care for. What is she doing? I have no respect for this stupid woman.

  9. Can we rename the “view”. The Witches Brew. These people are so out of touch. Every time they start talking you know it is just another Trump bashing session

  10. The level of ignorance is staggering. I proudly admit, I NEVER watched “The View”. I’ve only read about the ignorant remarks there have made over the years. Why are these morons on television? Who are the idiots that waste their electricity on such trash?


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