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Police officers responding to Tuesday’s deadly mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, were stalled as they entered Robb Elementary School due to uncertainty about the gunman’s location, a Texas Department of Public Safety official said.

Lt. Chris Olivarez provided some insight Thursday as outrage and questions mount regarding what took law enforcement so long to stop the gunman, who was in the school for up to an hour and killed 21 people, including 19 children and two teachers, in one classroom. More than a dozen others were injured.

The article goes on to state the following:

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked if “current best practices” call for officers to disable a shooter as quickly as possible regardless of how many officers are on site.

“Correct,” Olivarez responded, adding, “The active shooter situation — you want to stop the killing. You want to preserve life. But also one thing that, of course, the American people need to understand is that officers are making entry into this building. They do not know where the gunman is. They are hearing gunshots, they are receiving gunshots. At that point, if they proceeded any further not knowing where this suspect was at, they could have been shot — they could have been killed. And at that point, that gunman would have the opportunity to kill other people inside that school.”


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  1. Yeah ok. Not that I would want the responsibility of being a officer but that is cowardice all the way! If it would have been their kids would they have just stood outside and let it happen!? They didn’t care to put their lives on the line to stop this! All of them should be fired and ashamed!

    • My sentiment exactly. Police officers are not drafted, they join voluntarily. They get paid to protect and serve. Their job is not much different then being a soldier. It has risks, they could be shot or killed. But that is the job they signed up for.
      I hope every dead person’s image is forever ingrained in their mind. I hope they never have a full night’s worth of sleep.

    • Exactly
      I hope the images of those who were slaughtered are etched permanently on their minds. May they never get a moments sleep.

  2. That was their job! No point in them being there if they aren’t going to do anything when it matters! Don’t they have bullet proof vests? Training? Border Patrol had no problem assessing the location of the shooter.

  3. Maybe they should have use Special Forces to do the work that police couldn’t do. Military go into dangerous places every day and face the enemy. I also believe that our schools need to be safe and new policies need to be addressed.

  4. I thot police “put their lives on the line” to keep the public safe?!?! Apparently not in this situation!! Shame on them for letting all these kids get killed! Disgraceful

  5. Sorry I have to call Bullshit, the Police ARE Equipt to go into these situations with Tactical gear from flack jackets to kevlar helmets to eye and face protection while being better armed and better trained, I believe if you get down to the nuts and bolts of it, they were held back for a reason, who in their right mind could listen to children being shot and kiled while not responding, they are supposed to be 1st responders.

  6. This was a distraction from the awful job the Left is doing with every single thing they lay their hands on. Just stop and think for a second, there were Police keeping people out while Not responding to a active shooter in a grade school??? Why would they do this except for a major distraction, and to try to get rid of guns, all while trying to blame Gov Abbott, this is the Left’s next move to try to grab your guns, they are behind this with their Manchurian Candidate.

  7. As a former full-time SWAT officer in a major city this is a BULLSHIT answer!!! You head direct to threat meaning you move quickly towards the gunshots to eliminate the threat. If you do not know the location of the shooter you start to systemically clear.

  8. So the signs entering Texas says don’t mess with Texas but yet the police can’t go in for fear they may get shot trying save children.what a joke of a sign

  9. 30% of Texas schools have allowed their teachers to be armed. Uvalde chose to not allow their teachers to carry. Unfortunately their regrets about this is too late. The school in my town allows it. There is a big sign outside the schools that say the staff is armed and they will use any force necessary to protect the students. My bf works at a school that’s hasn’t allowed this. He said he talked to the principal and he said they will be changing that.

  10. I genuinely want to support the police! It is a thankless job with Democrats continuously vilifying all of law enforcement! It pays poorly and often requires too much personally!

    Having said that, it is far too often that police are just not taking action! I have personally witnessed this numerous times with far lesser events. It is driven largely by the fear over consequences of action and the continued assault by Democrats and Media but, if you’re not going to do the job, please don’t put on the uniform!

    If my children were in that school I would have gladly lead the way into the school. I would have gladly given my life just for the chance to save my child – no hesitation required! Almost every parent there that day would have done the same – father or mother!

    There is an old saying that I probably use too often but, it really conveys how I feel:

    “Lead! Follow! But, get out of the way!”

    May the evil gunman burn in hell!

  11. BS! You put on tactical gear. You lock and load. And you approach the school simultaneously from multiple directions. You communicate by radio. Perhaps set a diversion at one end of the school to distract him. Systematically clear the rooms, one at a time, watching and listening out for innocents. Carrying a badge—and, especially, carrying a gun—carries with it moral responsibilities. Impersonating a lawman is illegal. Don’t dress the part if you’re not going to play the part.

  12. This was pulled off by the FBI or secret service as a false flag to distract Americans from what is really going on. Just think about how this went down, there are too many things that just don’t add up. Government distraction!!! Any one of those children’s parents would have gladly ran into that school to subdue the gunman, but the cops wouldn’t? I call bullshit!!!

  13. WOW, especially from the ex SWAT team member. You people have tunnel vision only focusing on that one classroom and the shooter. There were other classrooms and students that needed to be evacuated to eliminate any possibility of being killed by what the military calls friendly fire. Police know this and have to make the decision of when it’s safest for all. Small towns don’t have the resources big cities have ex SWAT member. With your mentality, you would have gotten more people hurt and killed. Good Thing you’re Ex. Another factor to consider is that Shooter had a rifle that shoots faster than a gun or shotgun. It’s hard to stick your head out to shoot.
    People, if you think that you could do a better job, apply and suit up. Yes they will have to live with their decisions, but that is part of the job also.


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