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An illegal alien, deported three times from the United States, has been charged for her alleged involvement in kidnapping three-month-old Brandon Cuellar in the sanctuary state of California.

Yesenia Ramirez, a 43-year-old illegal alien from El Salvador, has been arrested and charged along with 28-year-old Jose Roman Portillo for allegedly kidnapping Cuellar in broad daylight last month while his grandmother was unloading groceries.

The article goes on to state the following:

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials confirmed to local media that Ramirez was deported in 2018. She returned twice to the U.S. in 2019 and was deported each time before returning again at an unknown date.

The report explains that Ramirez befriended the grandmother at church and became “obsessed” with the newborn baby, and, according to Ramirez’s lawyer, she “regularly providing free childcare” for the baby.

Police say late last month, Ramirez and Portillo plotted to kidnap the baby while his grandmother was watching him.  He was stolen on April 26, but was found safe about 20 hours later and returned to his family.

Ramirez and Portillo were both arrested and charged in the kidnapping incident.

ICE has requested that the Santa Clara County Jail turn Ramirez over to them f she is released, but she is protected under California’s sanctuary state laws.

Ramierez’s attorney released the following statement:

“Ms. Ramirez’s immigration status has no nexus to and no bearing on her guilt or innocence in the criminal case pending in the Superior Court. The case pending in the Superior Court pertains to unproven allegations that Ms. Ramirez was engaged in a local kidnapping scheme. Regardless of Ms. Ramirez’s immigration status, the reality is that up until roughly one week ago when she was arrested and booked into jail (where she remains held in “no bail” status), Ms. Ramirez was a hardworking member of this community who worked three jobs, day and night. This was in addition to supporting Baby Brandon’s family by regularly providing free childcare and other welcomed support to Baby Brandon’s mother and grandmother (which Baby Brandon’s family repeatedly welcomed). Whether Ms. Ramirez is an immigrant, citizen, non-citizen, Giants fan, or Dodgers fan, she is still entitled to the same due process and the full protection of the laws of this state, this country, and United States Constitution, including the presumption of innocence.”

The baby has now been found:

Below is a news report by KHOU 11 on April 26, shortly after the baby was stolen:

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  1. Ship her ass far far away !

    All these illegals, don’t give a shit about becoming Americans. They don’t live regular everyday lives.
    Theifs, cheaters, savage. They are survivalists.
    They just want want want.

    We,the American people, are the victims. In our own country!!

    FJB !!


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