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A video of a tiny person — perhaps a child or someone with dwarfism — dressed as “Chuckie” went viral Thursday.

Fellow metro riders stared as the person dressed as “Chuckie” appeared to attack a woman in an attempt to steal her bag while they rode on a subway train in New York City, according to the account that shared the video. “Get the f**k off me. Give me my fucking bag, what is wrong with you? What the fuck?” the woman screamed as “Chuckie” fell to the ground with his arms still wrapped around the bag and then her leg.

The article goes on to state the following:

It’s unclear, but a high-pitched screaming sound seems to be coming from the “Chuckie” doll. Instead of helping the woman, several onlookers filmed the attack on their cellphones. Eventually, the young woman managed to free herself from the attack.

“Chuckie” is seen going after the woman until somebody on the train pulled its mask off. The viral video has already surpassed 8 million views on Friday.


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