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House Majority Whip Rep. Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., said Sunday that President Biden’s plummeting approval ratings have little to do with his performance and more to do with the country being “in a bad place,” largely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

During a bipartisan sit-down interview on “Fox News Sunday” with Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., Clyburn was asked by host Chris Wallace to weigh in on what’s gone “wrong” with Biden, citing his poor approval ratings, which are the lowest of his presidency at 43%.

The article goes on to state the following:

“I don’t know that anything is going wrong,” Clyburn explained. “The country’s in a bad place. We have a pandemic. I happen to chair the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus [Crisis], and I can tell you you’d be surprised at how much went wrong with trying to combat this virus. And that put everybody in a pretty bad way.”

Clyburn continued his defense of Biden, saying, “Education is being called into question because kids were out of school and couldn’t go to school, people were out of work. And now we’re trying to bring the economy back, and you’ve got all of these other things happening. So the country’s in a bad place. It was a real tough time to become president of the United States. It’s just that simple.”

Wallace pointed out that it was Clyburn’s endorsement of Joe Biden that turned his campaign around and eventually propelled him to the presidency.

Wallace’s question, and Clyburn’s response, starts at the 4:05-minute mark of the following video:

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  1. Hey Clyburn! You got any more of that shit you’re on? The whole Biden administration and a lot of congress should be dragged out by their feet and shot and pissed on for treasonous acts against the USA!

  2. Sleepy-pooping-farting Joe has no excuse whatsoever. His policies continue to destroy our great nation. No amount of sugar coating can help defend his administration. From east to west, north to south and internationally, Biden continues to embarrass the USA.

  3. What BS this guy Clyburn spews ! America is in a bad place because of Biden’s intentional polices he set to destroy our country! He’s anti American and does the will of China who has him in their pocket ! Chris Wallace is no better ! He calls himself a impartial journalist! BS he’s a hack !

  4. No it’s all of the things he’s done and not only COVID. It’s his endorsement of Biden when it was time for SC to vote in the primaries that helped to get Biden tge win.

  5. ROFLMAO! What a weak and pathetic response. Everyone knows that that Biden is ruining this country and that the Dems are helping. Of course you also have the lazy RINOS as well. Americans are waking up and realizing they have been screwed. Clyborn is a tool. Wallace is a fool. America is waking and the Dems are shaking. Don’t lose sight, keep up the fight. Clyborn is a tool. Wallace is a fool.

  6. So basically we have clyburn to thank for this debacle of an administration. Biden is a weak pathetic little man who has lied and cheated his whole political career. We still have American citizens stuck in Afghanistan and illegals pouring across our porous borders who they expect the people to pay for. What a POS administration, we have veterans living on the street but we’ll give a million dollars to families who were separated at the border, for the reason of making sure the people they were with are actually their families. Aren’t you separating families at the border right now. You have children locked in cages you embarrassment to this country. And I mean you Joe Bama/Obama’s 3rd term!

  7. The country’s in a bad place because the Democrats put us there! They used COVID-19 in so many ways to force their socialist political agendas , eliminate our freedoms one by one , and cancel anyone who disagrees with them. They propagandized a peaceful protest on January 6 , falsely calling it an insurrection which it was NOT! Not one person in that crowd of peaceful protesters was armed! The one person shot , was killed by the so called Capitol police for breaking in. Not a reason to kill ! Yet a known common criminal that was taken down for committing yet another crime was canonized! When are we going to take our country back????????

  8. Let’s see it couldn’t have been Afghanistan, the border, rising prices, or the mandates. Yeah it’s the pandemic.

    Alex, I’ll take people full of shit for a hundred.


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