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The New Jersey truck driver who is poised to unseat the state’s Senate President Steve Sweeney reportedly using just $153 gave told Fox News he’s ready to try his best should he take office.

Conservative truck driver Edward Durr who leads Sweeney in the race told Fox News that should he officially be declared the winner, he’s not really sure what he will do.

The article goes on to state the following:

“Ed, what’s the first thing you’re going to do when you get to the capitol in Trenton?” Fox host Rachel Campos Duffy asked.

“I really don’t know. That’s the key factor. I don’t know what I don’t know. So, I will learn what I need to know,” Durr began.


Sweeney, 62, has been serving in New Jersey state senate since January 2002.

The race has not yet been called, but as of this report, poll results show Durr has 52% of the vote, compared to Sweeney with 48%.

Below is Durr’s campaign video.

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  1. Awesome!! New Jersey is waking up! Ciattarelli was so close to a win! Murphy isn’t going to have it so easy. A grocery tax?!? How ridiculous and hurtful to the NJ population. This should be on Durr’s first day agenda!

  2. Sadly Murphy was re-elected but barely! I would ask for a recount! Murphy was caught saying that he didn’t want to start vaccine PASSPORTS until his re-election!!! So guess what New Jersey…Vaccine Passports are coming!! Vaccinated or not…we as a country should NEVER have vaccine passports! The “virus” is winding down! Notice how “they” never talk about the virus going away and going back to normal! Because “they” want to CONTINUE to use this “virus” to CONTROL PEOPLE! Why New Jersey would you want Murphy??

  3. Congratulations to Mr. Durr (The Epitome of a patriot) can shake things up in New Jersey! I am from California…and we have our own set of problems here…number #1 problem…Gavin Newsom! He wants Vax Passports too in Jan 2022! I won’t comply!


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