VIDEO: Trump dishes on possible alliance with DeSantis

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Former President Donald Trump said an alliance with likely primary challenger Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) is “very unlikely.”

Trump, who credits himself as the person who put DeSantis on the map politically, said he had never considered DeSantis a potential running mate for the 2024 election.

“No, I think that would be a very unlikely alliance,” Trump told Newsmax on Friday.

He said, “We have a lot of great people in the Republican Party. I’ve never thought of it, but, you know, some people every once in a while mention it, but that’s about it.”

Trump praised his work on getting DeSantis elected governor telling Newsmax, “I appointed him. He was failing badly in the polls. He was out of politics. He was going to be out of politics, and I endorsed him, and he went from a very small number to a very high number. I had rallies for Ron, and we got him in. Then a couple of years later, they said, ‘Would you run against the president for president?’ He said, ‘I have no comment.’ I said, ‘That’s not supposed to happen.'”

Trump was asked about how he thought DeSantis would do if he ran for president.

He said, “If you look at his record, he can’t win because he voted against Social Security; he voted against everything. He voted against things that are so important. Medicare. He voted against Medicare. He wanted to raise the age substantially of people getting Social Security.”

Newsmax tweeted Friday, “DON ON RON: Trump speaks about the chances that there ever could have been a ‘VP DeSantis,’ and exposes what ‘people don’t know’ about the Florida Governor.”

“Trump: Ron DeSantis ‘was a disciple of Paul Ryan and that means, that’s a bad person, that’s a bad person to be a disciple of.'”

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WATCH: DeSantis asked if he’d be Trump’s VP. His answer is telling.

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