VIDEO: Trump rally goes silent after he attempts to mock DeSantis

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Former President Donald Trump took aim at potential Republican primary foe Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis during a recent campaign event, with much of the criticism garnering little enthusiasm from those in attendance.

During his Saturday campaign event in Waco, Texas, on Saturday, Trump argued that DeSantis had little chance of becoming Florida’s governor without the former president’s endorsement, with Trump breaking into an impersonation of DeSantis allegedly begging him for his support in the state’s 2018 Republican primary.

“So, he came, and he really wanted [my endorsement]. I said, ‘You can’t win, can you? How do you – can [you] win?'” Trump said, recalling the alleged conversation with DeSantis. “‘Sir, if you endorse me, I’ll win. Please, please, sir, endorse me,'” Trump continued as he acted out a crying, begging voice.


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  1. Trump needed to handle that differently. He just could have said that DeSantis’ was on good terms when Trump endorsed him in 2918. He’s ruining his chances here. DeSantis’ is dodging about being in the 2024 election for presidency period. I don’t believe he’s running for 2024. Why say anything at all about DeSantis.??

  2. Trump did a lot for our country but I don’t like his petty little name calling. Someone needs to tell him to stop the bullying. Not a good look.

  3. I would never vote for De Santis based on my belief that he is aligned with traitorous people. That said, even though I tend to favor Trump, I do find his bullying behavior to be childish and unnecessary, he is actually hurting himself and needs to STOP!!! If he wants to win he must give this up.

  4. I think Trump is good for the country however he needs to tone it down. Governor DeSantis has many supporters, I would hate to see those supporters go against Trump and vote for a Democrat.

  5. Bull, I watched the whole thing and they cheered Trump. FOX does not support Trump because of the Paul Ryan and the owners! This report came from FOX. I am voting Trump no matter what! He is the only one to clean up the mess Biden has caused. Ron needs to stay in Florida!

    • Exactly Cab….The crowd most certainly cheered when he was talking about rino ron…I call bull on the silence also…Again, we will all findout about rino ron soon enough…

  6. What Trump says is true, but the people already know this. Trump needs to give his base and loyalist’s some credit with having some common since. Stick to his policies for the people. This is what will get him elected, hands down. Not what all he did to help get DeSantis the Governorship. Wait for the primaries to show this. We already realize DeSantis lacks some character from his disloyalty and lack of appreciation. Where were the Rino’s when he was running for Governor? The fact that everything he does in Florida as Governor appears to come so easy for him. He’s got huge backers clearing the way for him. I personally don’t trust his smoothness of successes, not in these times.

            • Trump has a whole lot of RINOs that supported him. That’s not an accurate way to tell if someone is a neocon or RINO. Look at Ron’s cabinet and then say that with a straight face. Look at his stance on Ukraine that Tucker reported and say he’s a neocon. A RINO wouldn’t have fired a Soros DA or ensure his cabinet is filled with those who aligns with his policies. Meanwhile to this day Trump so much is in bed with big pharma and supports Fauci.

          • Actually Chad your pathetic if you believe that eon doesn’t walk both sides of the fence. At this point in our country there are no 2 sides that can ever agree on anything because if you give these morons a inch they want it all. Sooo nope it has to be trump he’s the only one who has stood up against all their lies all their corruption . Tell me did trump take a paycheck while in office and does Ron take one. How about 4 peace treaties did Ron do that. What has Ron really done except try to follow trumps playback. So you waste your vote and vote for Ron and what you will get is biden again . I refuse to vote for someone I’m not sure I can trust and that is Ron. Nice guy I’m sure but he tells you nothing about what he intends to do.

  7. So sick of all this Trump/DeSantis crap.
    DML loves to keep it up too. He’s pushing for his man because he lives in Florida now.
    I don’t think DeSantis could be trusted. DML you know Trump won last time and he deserves to run in 2024 and Hopefully election isn’t stolen again. What makes you even think DeSantis should run? You used to be on Trumps side.
    You are also very unreliable and keep flip flopping both Your stories plus your shows. You never stick to what your NEW plans are. You say one thing but never follow through for very long. Facebook, Rumble, Team. Which is it?

  8. Trump was successful with his policies during his first presidency. This nation is in a crisis that I’ve never seen before. What we need is unity in the Republican party to oppose another presidency like that of Biden. He’s on vacation more than he should be with the problems his policies are creating in America. Can we please get two successful men get over their egos and put America first? I don’t care if they like the other person’s personality. What we need is two people who care more about America’s survival than their egos. PLEASE.

  9. People all sound like a bunch of wimpy pusses ! All your bitching about name calling …. This is not romper room ! He’s trying to tell all the dumb asses who’s who and all you can do is whine and cry about name calling ! Geez no wonder our country is where it is ! Republicans just a bunch of babies! Your country is burning to the ground they are after our children and your worried about words ! Just cant believe it !

  10. 1) DeSantis is the better candidate – smarter, more stable, more strategic, less reactive. mature, honest, not a narcissist, tougher, younger, can serve 8 continuous years.
    2) I’m sick of Trump’s lies and unforced errors.
    3) Trump cannot win the General Election. A vote for Trump in the primary is a vote for Biden.

    Well Mr. President, we DID elect you and you fixed NONE of this. You gave us Barr and Wray.
    You put Milley in charge of our military. You let Fauci lock us down and wreck the economy.
    You are sleeping in the bed you made.
    Meanwhile, DeSantis fired the Soros prosecutor in FL. DeSantis didn’t allow anyone to remain on his team who didn’t agree with his agenda.
    DeSantis didn’t allow his government to be infiltrated with spies and enemies.
    I see no reason to believe you have learned any lessons from the past sir or that your second term will be better than your first. At the end of the day, YOU are still YOU, an insecure narcissist with no respect for the truth, and that’s the problem.

    • You say DeSantis is the better candidate yet there is no polling out there that supports this. The best candidate is the candidate who the voters want. Trump has more support in spite of his imperfections because he has been true to his word. He’s the only candidate who showed up in East Palestine. He’s the only candidate that promises to pardon all of the J6 political prisoners. He’s the only candidate that rejects the neo-con insanity that is leading the world to mass destruction. Trump is the only candidate willing to clean house in the woke Military command, FBI, CIA and DOJ. DeSantis is a fine governor, but unlike Trump he needs the big donors who subvert our representative government and corrupts it. He had to change his stance on Ukraine because the neo-cons objected. Trump doesn’t flip flop. He say what he means and means what he says. God bless him for it. I’m sick of these mealy mouthed politicians who’s stance on any issue goes to the highest bidder.

    • I agree with you, but only up to a point. For a guy whose tagline was “You’re fired!,” Trump sure made a lot of bad personnel choices. But he also maintained peace, restored America’s strength, and had the economy humming on all cylinders. He loves himself, but he loves America even more.

      Absolutely Trump should stop attacking DeSantis, who doesn’t deserve it. DeSantis is great, but he’ll lose much of his support if he goes after Trump. He’ll be the darling of the media until he starts closing in on the GOP nomination. Then he’ll become the Devil Incarnate, just as with what happened to Trump in 2016.

      Trump won in 2020. We need to focus on ending the cheating. The solution isn’t nominating someone acceptable to the Deep State. The solution is to destroy the Deep State. Trump-DeSantis 2024!

  11. It sad how many whiney ass so called Republicans there really are. Trump is the only chance this country has, but he’s hurting your pussy feelings. We are so fucked.

  12. Maybe all you ding dongs that cry about Trumps name calling can vote for barrack Obama again since you like smooth talkers who just bs you all day long ! Stupid this country will never change…..

  13. I don’t recall the people being silent. I’ll have to go back and listen. No matter, if Dennis is trying to subtlety cause a rift. As much as I dislike Trump’s comments sometimes, it’s not going to work Dennis.

  14. I keep saying that if it wasn’t Trump help Desantis wouldn’t have won. So Desantis should be very happy that he became Florida Governor.

    • DeSantis barely won against Gillum. In 2022 he turned FL into a solid red state while Trumps endorsements failed miserably against the dems.

  15. Stop bitching at DML! He’s giving you the information. You do with it as you wish. I voted for Trump and will again, but I am sick of some of his childish behavior. I also like De Santis, but we know from last time Trump was president he did a great job. I’d like to see it again and maybe De Santis the next time.

  16. How DeSantis got in originally is besides the point. The point is DeSantis has proven himself to be a great leader who gets things done! Is bringing morality back to our country and putting parents first! Ya all cry when something bad happens and want to blame the parents but want to attack the parents when they are trying to raise respectful children!! Trump not getting my vote this time!

  17. We’re any of you there and actually saw a silent audience? Or are all of you back to believing the media. Hummmm. Try fact checking. My friends there said that so called silence never happened

  18. I firmly believe had DeSantis been President during COVID. There would not have been the daily snow job and scare tactics put on by Fauci and Birx. International travel would never have been shut-down. There would not have been mask mandates in all federal buildings. And life would have returned to normal with-in 6 months of the initial fear mongering and lockdowns. Trump got played and lost the election because of it.

  19. I think the media is pushing DeSantis because, one, they hate Trump; two, DeSantis is the next most popular; and three, if DeSantis wins primary, the media will tear him apart like they did Romney and McCain. Stay the course with Trump and DeSantis will naturally follow… the media be damned!!!


    WE CAN OPPESE OUR CHALLENGERS BIT WE DON’T NEED TO MAKE MORTAL ENEMIES OUT OF OUR OWN PARTY (except for the RINOs they are all yours for breakfast lunch and dinner).

  21. I don’t care how much bad media is put out on President Trump, he has proven he is not in politics to make himself rich so they can tell us anything they want about the POLITICIAN rino DeSantis being great but he will never get my vote.

  22. That is President Trump’s Nature, which is the one thing I like about him. He does not change for ANYONE. What you see is what you get, and that is who we need to take on the globalist of this world. If I were in the same room with Trump, I would encourage him to remember we’re on the same side, but Trump wants blood, and if anyone attempts to get in his way, he will run them over.

  23. Evidently most of you clowns like the rhinos that are supported by the bushes, Paul Ryan and the rest if the establishment, so vote for your rhino and good luck. You might think about doing some research on your own and stop jumping on the bandwagon. Ignorant trolls

  24. The trolls on here and some following DML are the Trump haters DeSantis lovers. Can’t you all see where DML is taking you? Trump will stop at nothing and doesn’t care what he says or does. He wants to get the job done. Get rid of the swamp. He knows something about DeS that maybe we don’t. You people are a bunch of wusses that don’t see we need Trump the only one that has been trying to help all along. He has many faults but are you 100% smart?
    DML is obviously in this for his own benefit starting a riff between his followers and his own pocket.
    And again…. DML make up your mind what type of program your going to have. You never stop switching around. You seem to forget what you say. You are very fickle and very unpredictable and erratic.
    Been following you for a while thought you had better insight and understanding of what’s happening at one time. And some of your latest news and programs need better factchecking and analysis before reporting.
    IF DeSantis is a good candidate let’s wait till 2028. Pushing him into run is just a matter of splitting the party and loosing without anyone even cheating.
    Give Trump the Benefit of the doubt. Have Faith in him we don’t have much choice. Do you really think if DeSantis runs he would win? I have my doubts in the election at all but Trump got screwed and he should at least have another chance.
    My thoughts on this.

  25. For being so politically astute at times, Trump can also be politically insensitive!
    I can’t understand why he can’t see that his needlessly negative and corrosive comments turn people off and highlight his egotistical nature.
    He is his own worst enemy and he’d best do a bit of introspective analysis….of which I doubt!

  26. Trump needs to shut the hell up. His mouth is the reason Biden is in office. As for Desantis, I think he’s awesome and NOT a rino. He’s a damn good governor for the state of Florida. I’m sure he didn’t beg Trump to back him. Trump is afraid of Desantis. If Desantis doesn’t run, which I hope he waits, I will vote for him. As it stands, I will vote for Trump for 2024.
    If he keeps running his mouth, he will not win again. He’s his own worst enemy.

  27. No ur wrong, we need somebody strong!, not somebody who coddles u. & says just what u want to hear, like a pd. Puppet!!! Open ur wide shut eyes!!!


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