VIDEO: Trump tells Democrats what they can do to make schools safer

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Former President Trump criticized Democrats for not backing measures to increase security in schools during a Friday address at the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting that came days after a teenage gunman armed with an assault weapon killed 19 children and two elementary school teachers in the nation’s latest gruesome mass shooting.

During his speech, Trump suggested metal detectors, armed guards and single-entry points for schools to combat mass shootings.

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Gun control supporters have argued that calls for school security measures and other issues miss the larger issue of guns that links the various mass shootings.

“Whatever our differences may be on other issues, what on earth is stopping Democrats from immediately passing measures to ramp up school security,” Trump said.

“How many more tragedies will it take until they agree to set aside their far left political agenda and do what is really needed and actually works,” Trump added.

Trump said he’s been told that inner-city students who face incredible danger and violence outside their schools rarely experience mass shootings because of security measures, including armed guards.

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  1. Trump is so correct. You Democrats listen to Trump you idiots. We all want Trump back on 2024. And I pray to our God that everyone will vote for Trump. Because he will put our country back.

  2. But we know what their agenda is. They want to disarm Americans. They’re pushing for chaos( as in riots
    Before the mid term election) ultimate goal – they want a civil war.

  3. Sadly, the demrats don’t care about anything except forwarding their agenda, even if it means innocent babies being used as collateral damage. They just don’t care. And it will keep happening if we don’t stop them.

  4. Should blame the Democrats for not doing anything. Senator Cruz had written legislation to fund school safety, train and armed teachers in 2013. Democrats filibustered the legislation.

  5. The incompetent liberals are incapable of doing anything that actually works, anyone with eyes and ears can see that . Frankly it’s a wonder they can even dress themselves.,,,ha

  6. I Agree with President Trump, all these measures should be put into action by each State
    Immediately! In addition, law should be passed to ban the sale of assault weapons.
    NO hunter needs such a weapon. Also stores that sell these guns should be held accountable
    For selling them. And what happened to the three days wait to do background check? It’s all about money, isn’t it? It doesn’t matter if people get hurt or worse.
    Why not put a tracking device on these weapons of “mass destruction”?
    Destroying the lives of the families who lost their precious children, no American family and
    Parent should endure. We are at war right here, right now! We are all sitting ducks!
    Shame on the powers that claim to care, all they care are about are their purse strings.
    Wake up and do the right thing, nothing is more important!!

  7. Democrats want your guns, all of them! Just look how easy it was for a single person to just walk into a school unchecked and open fire killing whoever he wanted. I will also add that social media and video games that inspire killing for fun don’t help the situation either.
    Parents should be held responsible for their childrens actions for not securing their firearms. Instead of being raised correctly, many kids are left being raised by themselves without any regard for human life or consequences for killing another person! Look no further than the kids cell phones or computer because that’s where they learn at a young age!

  8. They could also build safe rooms between two classes for two classes to escape too. Instead of sending money to foreign countries take care of our own people. We can blame it on the guns but it take a person to shoot it. Why sell an 18 yr old two guns and all that ammo? Did the person selling the guns just want to make a buck? If you can’t buy alcohol or cigarettes until your 21 then you shouldn’t have a gun. If parents own guns then it’s their responsibility to secure them from these kids. If their guns are used in any kind of killing then hold the parents responsible for neglect from not securing the guns. Any gun shop who sells a gun to a minor should be held responsible as well. Background checks should be longer and in more detail. Change the age to 21. Kids don’t need guns. My questions will always be though:” why was there an unlocked door for the kid to enter through?” Who was responsible for leaving this door unlocked? Why wasn’t this school secured from this kind of situation? Most schools now have doors that you have to be buzzed through by office personnel. A locked door between the kids and a shooter. I will also say that maybe teachers should take gun training and be allowed to carry a secured gun in class in the event an intruder tries to enter a classroom. If they know how to use a gun, one shot could take him out before he can harm children. I think Ted Cruz came with that awhile back and the Democrats killed it. Just a thought. My heart aches for these parents and families of these beautiful children. Prayers for all involved and hopefully a solution to this problem can be resolved quickly.

  9. Even a Mall has roving security! I know Mall security aren’t cops but they are actively watching out! That should be done immediately! Police at ALL SCHOOLS!

  10. And trolls don’t forget about school board members wanting/getting protection from parents attending board meetings and I don’t believe the cops are carrying squirt guns. Ignorant fools. These corrupt politicians can send billions to foreign countries, spend billions on certain cultures, billions on their war mongering efforts but we cannot protect our children in schools, really


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