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Last Friday, Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges against him in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Just two days later, a Black nationalist BLM supporter drove an SUV through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. It was a slaughter.

Six people were killed, including three grandmothers and an eight-year-old boy. Forty-seven people were injured very badly, many of them children. Here’s one witnesses description of the scene:

The article goes on to state the following:

WITNESS: We were sitting, my daughter was sitting at my feet and I was standing above her and what I saw was a red SUV run over a gentleman, I think it was a gentleman in a costume, and he was his body was trampled by both the front and the back wheels.

Carlson noted that since the driver of the SUV, Darrell Brooks, hasn’t yet said why he committed the horrific massacre with his vehicle, the media and local authorities have rushed to explain it for him, insisting this was not a “terror attack,” and saying it had nothing to do with the Kyle Rittenhouse “not guilty” verdict.

One suggestion being put forth is that Brooks was fleeing from police. However, witnesses have described Brooks as zigzagging down the street trying to strike as many people in the parade as he could.

“These killings were absolutely intentional. And no, Brooks was not being chased by the police. That’s a lie. So much for that theory,” Carlson declares, as he debunks several narratives that are already being painted by the media about the incident.


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  1. We on know this culture never takes responsibility and most likely will play their platinum race card or use the white supremacy narrative. They continue with their violence against whites without consequences and the corrupt racist media continue to push the narrative of hate

  2. The Leftist media immediately springs to action, defending and protecting those ‘of color’ while immediately condemning any white person and anyone they voted for.
    Imagine a white guy running down dozens of black women and children in a Kwanzaa parade. America would be in flames at this moment.

  3. We still know the media will never tell the truth.
    They are all owned by the globalists elites. They have a mission and they are doing it very well.
    The mission is to divide the country by race, religion, immorality, politics, you make it, as long as it causes division they will do it.
    The goal is simple: a nation or a world divided is much easier to control and conquer the people.

  4. If one of those white men would have pulled out a firearm and put two in his chest as he was running over innocent civilians, black lives matter would now be protesting the death of an innocent black man- these people are buffoons they are tools driven by the very people trying to run communism down our throat.

  5. “The revolution has started…in Wisconsin.” I do hope so. I do hope so. I abhor violence but not at the cost of chains. This country needs another 1776. Expel all of the America-loathing Leftists. Let them join the Tories in Canada.

  6. Again I say split the damn country. I don’t want to live with these insane people. I am not saying our systems are perfect by any means. However there is a rule of law and rules of GOD and that is the country I want to live in. Not with these insane people.


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