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If you want to understand a country’s military, take a look at what its officer corps is reading. Military officers aren’t just warfighters. They’re trained to be thinkers, even intellectuals. Many of them have advanced degrees. In Russia, officers above the rank of colonel are required to read a book by Russian nationalist Alexander Dugin called, “The Foundations of Geopolitics.” Dugin’s book envisions a Eurasian empire, with Russia at the center of it, and outlines a way to achieve it. In China, meanwhile, recruits are told to read, “The Origin and Goal of History.” It teaches that China is successful because its culture is superior to the West’s. You might not agree with them, but these are serious books. They promote the national interests of the countries whose officers read them. That’s why they’re assigned.

So, with that in mind, what is the American military reading these days? Let’s see: a sub-literate pamphlet on how the United States is a disgusting, immoral country that must be changed immediately and forever. The tract is titled, “How to be an Antiracist.” It was written by a University of Florida professor called Henry Rogers, who now that he’s rich and famous goes by his revolutionary name, Ibram X. Kendi. The book is garbage. Actually, it’s worse than that. Not only is the book repetitive and embarrassingly stupid, but it’s also poisonous.

The article goes on to state the following:

Kendi’s premise is as simple as he is: any system that produces unequal outcomes must be racist. Period. That’s it. That’s the entire thesis. Kendi applies it to everything. If some people make more money than other people, the economy is racist. If Ibram X. Kendi decides there aren’t enough Black astrophysicists, then astrophysics is, by definition, racist. If it rains in a Black neighborhood, but not across town, then what you’re watching is weather racism. Actually, Kendi didn’t really write that, but only because he has no detectable sense of humor. But there’s no question he believes it. The book is that militantly dumb.


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  1. Now we know why China put in Joe Biden as president via this very fraudulent election. China knew no way could they defeat our military unless they degraded it immensely. Is Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts going to finally wake up and take on cases showing the election fraudulent. If John Roberts doesn’t he won’t have a country that even needs a US Supreme Court.

  2. Well thankfully, and I saw the hearing on TV, it’s only “recommended.” But I take solace in that the military is a slice of our normal population, and with that there will those that are woefully woke and those that know better. If that were to ever come, that our own military command staff would be dumb enough to follow unlawful orders, then I’m comfortable that enough that know better would put an end to it quickly.

  3. Our Military has bought into the lefties agenda. Trying to change the way whitey thinks because they deem them all to be racist. How about we put the shoe on the other foot! Deem all people of color are racist. How would that make them feel??? They start with a lie and it grows into something bigger until it erupts. Wait for it, it’s coming!

  4. The intended endpoint is a military that sees much of the populace that funds it as deeply corrupt and expendable because they are deemed the root of racism.
    A military committed to defending the regime rather than the Constitution and the People.

  5. Thanks Tucker. “ Not only is the book repetitive and embarrassingly stupid, but it’s also poisonous. “.

    An person ascribing intent about another persons action is highly suspect. An author ascribing intent to a whole population centuries ago is an impossibility.


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