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United Airlines has fired the airline worker who was filmed brawling with ex-NFL player Brendan Langley at Newark last Thursday, but the worker remains unidentified and has not been charged over the incident. can reveal Brendan Langley, 27, was arrested on Thursday May 19 at 11.03am after trading blows with the unnamed United Airlines worker.

The article goes on to state the following:

Videos show the pair sparring and all of the footage that has been released so far shows the airline worker throwing the first punch.

The report states that of the two, Langley was the only one arrested and has been charged with one count of simple assault.

The airline worker was treated at a nearby hospital for an eye injury.

In an earlier statement from the airline a spokesperson said, “United Airlines does not tolerate violence of any kind at our airports or on board our planes and we are working with local authorities to further investigate this matter.”

Lifestyle expert Mike Sington tweeted Monday, “Brawl at Newark Airport. United Airlines employee and passenger get into brutal fist fight at the ticket counter. Update: Ex-NFL player Brendan Langley arrested and charged with assault. The United employee was not charged.”

Daily Mail reporter Jen Smith tweeted, “UPDATE: United Airlines has fired the worker in the video but still no charges by Port Authority (yet). Brendan Langley, 27, was booked on a single charge of simple assault after the fight at Newark Airport on Thursday May 19.”

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  1. Videos almost NEVER tell the whole story unless they are a constant surveillance that just happens to have the right placement to catch the entire event and there’s a chain of evidence that it couldn’t have been edited .
    That’s why dumbass Juicy Smollè planted his fake racial attack in full view of a surveillance ( dome) on the street- only he didn’t know the camera was pointed in the opposite direction because duh, that’s why there’s a dome over it so you DONT see which direction it’s pointing.It creates the perception of complete surveillance for a lesser cost. It’s one of dozens of red flags that his “attack” was staged.In his initial interview in his apartment with the rope still dangling from his neck he made sure to point out to the officer the attack was right at a surveillance camera and be sure to get that video. It’s why his continuing laments he was really assaulted is laughable if not ludicrously tragic.
    What individual just keeps their camera app open and selected to video all the time in case something happens and they can be a video hero?
    They only start filming after they perceive a reason to . This approach by the airline worker on the ex-football player may well be after Brendan Langley physically assaulted him, a push , slap or punch could easily have happened in the seconds before the video began.
    The police charged Brendon Langley because they arrived while real time witnesses who saw it all were still there. They interviewed both parties and the other Airline workers at the counter .
    Let’s wait for the whole reality , not the very probably selected moment in time most likely to make national news and get a paycheck for its sensational value.
    Whose to say the actual filming person didn’t edit off a few seconds at the start because it wasn’t what would sell ?
    I know eyewitness accounts are often unreliable, can be contaminated by people discussing what they saw. Or by people who saw it through a culturally charged lens- but the police at the airport had to have a reason not to arrest both.


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