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Students who spoke out against mandatory racial and gender training at Western Carolina University were mocked online by faculty who boasted about being “proud” to be “woke” and subjected to death threats and calls to be fired.

Fox News reported last week that Resident Assistants were forced to undergo racial sensitivity training with slides warning them about “denying” the “racial experience” of another person if they say “When I look at you I don’t see color.” They were also told that referring to America as a “melting pot” can be deemed offensive and be interpreted as saying “you should assimilate to the dominant culture.”

The article goes on to state the following:

The RAs were also introduced to a “gender unicorn” which outlined the many variations of “gender identities” and “gender expressions” that students might identify by while also being told that sex and gender have nothing to do with genitalia.

After two Resident Assistants spoke out about the ‘woke’ presentation, they were mocked by the faculty, who used the controversy as a fundraising pitch.

Other liberal students also mocked the two students online who had stood up against the gender training.

One online message targeting RA Katie Sanders suggested a petition should be created to “remove” Katie “from living.”


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  1. WCU has lost their minds if they think that this training is ok! I am a graduate of there, and I am ashamed of this administration!!!

  2. History never fails. History has always demonstrated that the left are the most hypocritical, intolerant and violent faction in our socio-political sphere. Their ideology is their religion which demands their fanaticism and destruction to any opposition.

  3. “Sensitivity and inclusion / equity ect ” woke training ?? Hmmm being ” woke” and threatening others that have thier OWN opinions THIS is inclusion / equity ??? These idiots need to be fined and fired and students expelled . This indoctrination is NOT America !!!

  4. It’s amazing as to why any Americans is even going to one of those indoctrination centers
    I pray the day comes that there is no more education in America It needs to be cleaned out
    And that starts with the faculty
    No wonder they turn out morons.


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