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UVALDE, Texas – A city resident who arrived outside Robb Elementary School while law enforcement was responding to Tuesday’s shooting expressed frustration after learning police did not immediately enter the classroom.

“If you assume that you have a barricaded subject—you cannot assume that,” Uvalde resident Laura de la Cruz told Fox News while holding back tears. “You know it’s a school, you know children are in there, you know the time, you know kids are in those classrooms.”

The article goes on to state the following:

Department of Public Safety Director Steven McCraw said police didn’t immediately engage the shooter because “the on-scene commander at the time believed that it had transitioned from an active shooter to a barricaded subject.”

de la Cruz responded to the revelation, telling Fox News: “You go, you get fired at, you fire back and keep charging,”

“There were 19 people on site to one shooter. One goes, if you get killed, the next one goes. You just keep going,” she continued. “You got to out blast this guy.”

“That’s what this community expects you to do, to take a bullet for us,” de la Cruz, who said she knew some victims killed, told Fox News.


BREAKING: Official breaks down, admits ‘wrong decision’ during massacre, more chilling details revealed [VIDEOS]

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    • Exactly what I have been saying. What they did is no different than holding a child as a shield to keep from getting shot! In this case children!!

  1. It’s easy to condemn. Hindsight is 20/20. I don’t know what they should have done but we weren’t there and it is so easy to second guess.

    • She even admits they would’ve been shot, it was a very tough call and I am so sorry for all the innocent lives that were taken but blaming the cops is just not ok. We can can go and blame the teacher that left that door opened the cops, his mother, but if they would’ve gone in more people would’ve died. I don’t know what could’ve been done remember he had a gun that’s shoots many bullets at a time he would’ve killed them off in no time then he would’ve probably killed more kids. I don’t know it’s hard to blame but schools need the same protection that deminRats n pelosi have in the capital building. She put fences metal detectors why not give schools billions so they can start putting them in schools? Instead they care giving crooked country billions not once but twice. Taken guns away from registered owners is not the answer cuz we still will have criminals with illegal guns

      • Who were you going to blame if you don’t blame the cops it doesn’t matter if it wasn’t barricade situation he was inside with children they failed to do their job if they don’t want to get shot there in the wrong line of work- take our guns is your answer? The parents wanted to go in but police with body armer are scared??
        Then on top of it they have these kids regurgitate pre written responses??
        People using this tragedy to strengthen their political agenda are the real monsters.
        The only thing we have is our protection- notice every other country who gave up their arms?? Locked down like good slaves- 15 dollars a month pay???

  2. That lady is a nut job. She doesn’t know what she is talking about. You know that as soon as you saw her “Beto” shirt. The door to the classroom was locked and when the officers got near the door bullets flew out at them. If they shot into the room at suspect and hit a child that same woman would be calling for the cops head. You can’t win with these people. She lost me when she said the cops should sacrifice their lives. I think the officers families might think differently. You can question tactics that day but no one has a right to call them cowards from the safety of their couch.

    • Agree! How dare that woman demand that the cops should “take bullets for them” when she most likely supported defunding the police! You can’t have it both ways! If you take away the ability of the police to do their jobs, don’t expect them to run in and aimlessly take bullets for you!! This was tragic ! But placing blame doesn’t change anything or help ensure better outcomes in the future. Instead, take a look at the many signs that were apparent regarding the mental health and dysfunctional family of the evil kid that did this!

  3. DO NOT BE FOOLED:The lady saying this is wearing a BETO shirt. Really? How many of these people accusing the PD for not doing anything are the BLM activists? What other way to support the Defund the Police movement? This a BETO supporter. I was initially duped by this interview. Then I saw David Hermonot’s post.

  4. This is so sad it’s funny because they want cops to just go in one after the other to get shot and maybe killed and in the same breath want to defund them and take away any weapons that they would use in that situation. If you are not a cop and were not there I can say hey you should have went in but I just don’t know . Until a full report comes out we don’t know . But you still gotta love idiots saying hey go in and die that’s why we pay you . Anyone who says that needs slapped .

  5. How convenient she is wearing a Beto shirt and speaking of what weapons are not needed in the community. I call BS, she another part of the democrats flunkies sent in to stir the pot. Of course she says police are to take bullets one by one. Police could have, should have, would have, hindsight is 2020. She fails to mention that supposedly some of those officers had family in that school. The officers are under a microscope, nothing they do will ever be right. There are many factors to this situation. What I see with this lady is she there to agitate, she is just aiding the democrats to take advantage of a tragic situation. She openly admitted she has no family at the school and yet she she showed up to support with her Beto shirt, oh please. Do not forget it was Beto and democrats that were demanding police be defunded, and 2nd amendments be repealed. Now here they are like cockroaches basically saying I told you so. Perhaps if the police were not demonized there would have been more communication between LEO and witnesses to the shooters bizarre behavior and this would have been prevented. Perhaps the doors to the school would have been locked instead of being propped open enabling the shooter to walk right in. Open your eyes folks there is more to this picture than meets the eye. Praying for the victims, family and friends are left alone to heal. Yes I said prayers democrats. Get these bloodsuckers out of there. All they want is stir the pot for their own gross agenda. Let the families grieve in peace and let the police do their investigation and get to the bottom of why and how the shooter chose these victims.

  6. We should now concentrate on those that said defund the police, attack the police and numerous false and fake accusations of police brutalities. This is my opinion what happened.

  7. So what do the lefties want to defund the police or for the police to defend the public? Since 1999 and the Columbine shooting the schools and officals have learned nothing. More sercurity, boots in the schools or outside. more of everything cameras ,lockdoors ,alarms .I mean to say its not that hard.


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