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Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Wednesday said billionaires who “have enough money to shoot themselves into space” will pay for the Democrats’ multitrillion-dollar reconciliation bill that is still being negotiated in Congress.

Warren, when asked during an interview on “The View” where the money will come from to pay for the $3.5 trillion package, pointed to billionaires and corporations, specifically mentioning Amazon after its founder Jeff Bezos took a trip to space this summer.

The article goes on to state the following:

“The money is going to come from the billionaires who don’t pay their taxes and therefore have enough money to shoot themselves into space,” Warren said.

“It’s going to come from giant corporations like Amazon who turn around and say their shareholders and the public we made $10 billion in profits last year, and you know how much we paid in taxes, zero,” Warren said, adding that Congress is “going to cut that out, that’s what’s at stake here.”


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  1. I hope every single of these evil bastards in Washington face an eternal life of hell. There is a much bigger issue NOBODY wants to talk about.. how the sausage is being made behind the scenes and I mean the underground New World order and all of their minions who are deliberately trying their best to bring down America for their insideous evil reasons.Please DML tell people what is REALLY going on !! Not the obvious we all see but what the REAL New World order is about.

  2. If they didn’t pay their taxes, what makes then think they’ll pay for this ridiculous bill they’re gonna ram through

  3. That’s s right Jeff Bezos. She told you. Sending all those people into weightlessness on a giant dildo (Flaccid One). Just in case he was wondering, space exploration would imply you actually made it out of the Earth’s atmosphere. You did not. The Earth’s atmosphere extends beyond the moon. A more expensive dildo will get you further. Can only imagine where the ejection port is located on that thing.

  4. Sure Pochohantus sure. Cut the bull crap just like Warren’s an indian when she’s only 1/1624 th indian . Lying cow

  5. Moronic woman, anyone rich enough to launch himself into space as a tourist certainly also has the wherewithal to move his wealth offshore.


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