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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News App offers the following information published by Fox News:

Waukesha parade horror suspect Darrell Brooks Jr., a career criminal who is now an alleged killer, was also an aspiring rapper who posted songs and music videos to his social media under multiple pseudonyms, including “MathBoi Fly.”

Brooks is accused of plowing into Waukesha’s Christmas parade Sunday evening, killing at least six people and injuring dozens. He faces life in prison if convicted and had been let out on bail earlier this month despite a long, violent past that included multiple felony convictions for violence, drugs and statutory rape.

The article goes on to state the following:

His music is as belligerent as his past.

“This that f— Donald Trump flow and whoever hate it,” Brooks raps in his song titled “X.”

“Now let me talk about that b***ch we call the president,” the rap song continues, referencing Trump. “A closet racist and he plays his part so effortless. From real estate to television had us all convinced. And now we’re worried about the future, what to tell our kids.”

Youtube has deleted Brooks’ account since the attack.

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  1. Let police and respectful loyal Americans hear this and keep an eye out on this rapper and his gang…. This is wrong in so many ways and if a white rapper said this about Obama all hell would break loose! This diversity must stop!! God help us!!

  2. The poster child for the Democrat party is just another promising rapper whose career ended too soon. Such a shame.

    Now, let’s put him on a pedestal and connect him to every movement the Dems are pushing.

  3. Let’s see if this black mitherfocker gets out with posted bail or starts having BLM PROTESTING FOR HIM….IF SO, WE NEED TO TAKE THEIR A$$ES DOWN PERMANENTLY….THIS MOTHERFOCKER NEEDS THE DEATH SENTENCE

  4. He couldn’t make a good pimple on President Trump’s Ass!!
    Guess you go to the prison and eat commissary now you racist idiot! Murdering bastard!

  5. how about you tell them the truth the racist is biden and he’s the one ruining our country and if you can’t se that you are blind dude and your songs stinks …

  6. This racist bastard is beyond evil and needs to be removed from society immediately! Life in prison isn’t enough for this sleaze! Death penalty!!!

  7. Do you folks remember what happened to Hank Jr!!! For speaking out on Obama on espn the racist sports channel.. but 6 years later it’s fine as long as it’s not part of the fuked up left…. All the left are the racists here!!!! Be honest

  8. I cant believe he is talking about racism, yet goes out and mows down people killing 6 . He is the racist so glad they got him, but if the law/government/ state had done their job no one would have died because of this hatefull man. …What will the law/state/government do with him now??? Give him another slap on the wrist or maybe a pat on the back because he killed white people .. he did what the left wanted.


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