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Friday, “Fearless” host Jason Whitlock applauded the 12 jurors who rendered the verdict in the Rittenhouse trial for their courage because the consequences could have been much more consequential for the country had they gone in the other direction.

During an appearance on FNC’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Whitlock called the Rittenhouse controversy an effort to “disarm America.”

The article goes on to state the following:

Whitlock warned it inevitably could have resulted in a justification to rewrite the Constitution.

Whitlock said, “Tucker, I think that what we’ve just seen from those 12 jurors is courage that we needed. It’s inspirational to all of us as men and women. It took real courage for them to do this, and I just want to try to add this take if I could say one thing while I’m here because you’ve been having this conversation. Why is everything being couched as race?”

He continued, “This is a calculated strategy to disarm America, to go after the guns, and to eventually rewrite the Constitution. They’re trying to define America as a failure, and its number one failure is along the lines of race. And if they can convince enough of the American public that this country is irredeemably racist, they now have a justification to rewrite the Constitution, start this thing all over and make us more like China. That’s the end game.”

“This is not an accident that from Joe Biden on down who says that white supremacy is the biggest threat to America, all the way down to Rachel Maddow aka Joy Reid constantly talking race, race, race, race, race — this is a strategy that’s been quite effective. It hides the agenda. They’ve convinced black people that Planned Parenthood and aborting your babies is the greatest thing you can do, and anybody that tells you different is a racist when we know that Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger, they’re the racist and that the destruction of black babies in the womb, that is the racist activity. Everything — it’s like they — the bigger the lie they tell us like, the more we believe. We need to recognize they’re lying to us intentionally with a defined goal of rewriting the Constitution and taking guns away and sovereignty away from the American people,” Whitlock said.

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  1. Kyle was not only innocent but he probably won the biggest lottery in his life by luckily picking those 12 jurors from a group of 18.
    Any other one of those other 6 could of changed the whole verdict the other direction. His life in prison.
    I’d go buy a lotto ticket this week.

    • Yes, unbelievable that one didn’t push for guilty . If they did , even a hung jury would give the prosecutor another shot at convicting Kyle. As it is Nadler is demanding a federal investigation of the results of the trial in usual Democratic dramatic announcement calling the verdict a “miscarriage of Justice” .these despicable bastards know full well the kid is innocent but they can’t let it alone.

  2. Absolutely true. The narratives are designed to bring this nation down. That’s also why Black Conservatives scare them silly , and why they malign them every chance they get , along with Black police officers , and Black sports celebrities who don’t amplify the systemic racism of police narratives.
    We need to drive these money changers from the temple –

  3. these dip wads must really want a civil war because that’s where we’re headed and they really don’t know who their effing with because the right is locked and loaded and ready and waiting and most won’t go down without a fight.


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