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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News App offers the following information published by FOXBUSINESS.COM:

The country’s blue state exodus is shaking up demographics in red states that are serving as landing spots.

States like Texas and Florida are seeing an influx of Democrats looking for more affordable, tax-friendly costs of living, turning these once Republican-strongholds into purple toss-up states.

The article goes on to state the following:

Even before 2020, demographics in the sunbelt began to tilt driven by favorable financial perks and economic incentives that conservative states have to offer. However, those trends have accelerated amidst a pandemic-induced recession, and with more jobs now being able to operate via remote.

“West Coasters are going to Texas and East Coasters are going to Florida, and it’s no coincidence that Texas and Florida are red states that don’t collect state income taxes,” FOX Business’s Jackie DeAngelis said on Thursday.


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  1. What is so sad is those blue state Democrats that are fleeing to Red states are the very same ones that voted in the BS laws and high taxes and will do the same when they vote in the red states.

    • I know. It will be NY & LA. Since they are fleeing from the junk let’s hope they learned a lesson but sadly some people never learn and I also don’t believe we will ever have a fair election again by everything that happened this year. Honestly I don’t think any republican will trust it. I do believe we need another party besides the two we have now.

  2. I don’t understand why these Democratic supporters flee their tax riddled states for Republican states but yet still vote Democrat. That seems rather ignorant.

  3. Because the idiots have no independent thoughts. They have zero ability to analyze, the reason they are leaving their states, IS THEIR IGNORANT VOTES!!!!! Vote the RIGHT WAY, and stay away from us!! Ruin your own states!

  4. I never new we had states that don’t pay taxes. Why are the other states paying then. Could a smart person that knows say pls

  5. I am moving from California to Texas and I am a conservative who has been trying to get out of California for years. Now that I was forced to retire due to the Covid19. I finally can move to the state I have planned on moving to for years. I would much rather give my retirement money to the state of Texas any day of the week. If Democrats want to vote Democrat then they should remain in the states that they destroyed.


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