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A green energy technician, who works at a factory that is soon shutting down, blamed President Joe Biden and climate czar John Kerry for the closure that will lead to hundreds of lost jobs.

Brian Dockter lost his job at a wind turbine factory in Aberdeen, South Dakota as a result of President Joe Biden’s tax policies, he said during a Fox News interview on Thursday morning. Dockter, a nondestructive testing technician at a Molded Fiber Glass Companies (MFG) factory, called Biden hypocritical for claiming to support green energy jobs while implementing policies that led to him losing his job.

The article goes on to state the following:

“Starting 2022, the tax credit will phase out for wind energy and that has something to do with [Biden’s] production tax credit for wind and fossil fuels,” Dockter said during the interview.

MFG, who has has produced wind turbine blades since 2007, announced on June 8 it would close its South Dakota factory in August, explaining, “The closure comes as a result of changes in market conditions, foreign competition and proposed revisions to tax policies impacting the wind energy industry in the United States.”

The factory closure means 300 employees will lose their jobs, and Dockter said he and his wife will have to sell their home and move.

In the interview with Fox News host Brian Kilmeade Thursday morning, Dockter said, “Why doesn’t Kerry pick a different profession? If anybody should lose a job it should be him and his cronies and Biden. Biden is such a dumb bastard he just doesn’t get anything.”


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  1. Why are you screaming at Sloppy Joe he’s never had a job, how would he know that you had one or that you lost it!! You need to speak to someone who understands work and productivity, Sloppy Joe has never been involved in either

    • These “great Americans” that show disdain for Biden are usually the same ones that vote for Demotards and cry later. I will bet you this dude voted for Biden.

      Anyway it is the typical MO for these union democrat types to cry and complain but will vote demotard every single time.

  2. You can’t talk about the President of the United States like that????? Seriously, what did Trump put up with everyday!!!! This joke of a “Presidemt” deserves “NO” Respect when he doesn’t earn it!

  3. They called trump worse plus biden called the military the same thing this guy did biden. Truth hurts sometimes. So much for the green jobs that every democrat supports. Biden doesn’t his butt from a hole in the back the ground. That goes for the entire administration. Dude hope you find a job. This is only the beginning of job loses this idiot is going to be responsible for. Hope democrats that voted for the twit remember this.

  4. Joey B is moving green energy manufacturing to China which means Americans will be out of a job. He continues to put America last!

  5. PUL – EEZE!! After being voted in to Congress, Tlaib shouted, “Let’s take this Mother F*****R, down!” Talking about Trump. Now, THAT was a direct threat, yet no one cared. Go figure!

  6. Well if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck.
    Truth is:
    Biden is a dumb bastard! He should be put out to pasture, go fishing not ruin or country.

  7. Please, get real. You and the company been sucking in the Taxpayer teat for 19 years. Time to grow up, leave the Taxpayer basement, and become profitable without subsidies or shutdown. No one promised you a free ride forever.


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