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Dozens of staff members at Houston Methodist Hospital protested against the facility’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for employees on Monday night, the deadline for workers to be inoculated.

Houston Methodist in April issued a mandate requiring that all staff be vaccinated by June 7, becoming the first hospital system in the U.S. to require coronavirus shots for employees. Managerial staff were given until April 15 to get vaccinated.

The article goes on to state the following:

The hospital said that employees who do not get vaccinated by the Monday deadline would be placed on a two-week unpaid suspension. If they were not inoculated before their suspension ended, the hospital said it would “immediately initiate the employment termination process.”

There have been more than 100 employees that have filed a lawsuit against the hospital saying that the requirement is illegal.

The plaintiffs say the hospital is “forcing its employees to be human ‘guinea pigs’ as a condition for continued employment.”

Reporter Mayra Moreno tweeted, “Several dozen waiting for Baytown Methodist employees to walk out after they refused to get the vaccine shot per company policy. Jennifer Bridges, a registered nurse here, was the first to speak out. Now a little more than 200 employees are suing the hospital.”

“Big group of supporters outside #BaytownMethodist waiting for employees to walk out after the refused to get the vaccine mandated by hospital.”

Writer Holly Hansen tweeted, “Employees of #Houston Methodist have staged a walkout, protest against the hospital’s #covid19 vaccine mandate this evening at the Baytown location. #texas.  Talked with several nurses here, one has been with Houston Methodist since 2008. Lawsuit filed on behalf of 117 employees has been moved to federal court.”

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  1. The Vax- doesn’t prevent a person from getting covey, therefore, why require the vax as the person vaxed can still get it and spread it.
    Canada – pay attention also – stop the ridiculous requirement.
    The side effects are terrible, ie, brain damage etc.

  2. Simple solution, let them fire you and sue their ass off. Then open a competing hospital just down the street and put your former employer out of business.

  3. Hospital here was going to try an make its employees take the poison but so many refused and threatened to walk out the hospital backed down!

  4. What about all the illegals…just turn them loose, EVERYWHERE, with no test no nothing! But trying to force us to get it!
    the” experimental injection ”

    Not happening!!

    • That way they can infect us with the Guatemala strain of covid. The vaccine doesn’t cover that one. So they say.

  5. Good for them. Its not mandatory at my job but they are asking for proof to de-mask. It sad to still see people (that were jabbed) still wearing a mask. Even more concerning a few guys said they got the jab in order to be able to de-mask and possibly not me restricted from other things in the future. I told them the more we bend over and take it .. its going to only get worse.

  6. How they think they can force people to take a drug that is not FDA approved as a condition of employment is beyond me.

  7. Our hospital in Indiana is mandating the same thing. There is over 40% of employees not vaccinated and refusing. They are holding a protest this coming Saturday in Indianapolis. I hope they stand their ground.

  8. As a Texas resident, I hope the staff members are successful in court. The hospital is overreaching by forcing employees to get the China Virus death serum.


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