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Below is my latest LIVE video.  Please watch and share on your social media accounts.

In his latest Walk & Talk, DML News App Founder Dennis Michael Lynch (DML) railed about a story out of Kansas: Nearly 100,000 meals for homeless veterans stolen

“A trailer with nearly 100,000 meals for homeless veterans was stolen on the holiday weekend meant to celebrate former U.S. servicemen and women,” ABC reported.

“Some loser or losers stole the trailer,” DML said. “Let me tell you something, as a guy who has the most popular homeless film right now anywhere … I understand what these homeless veterans, and all the homeless, what they count on. If they don’t eat, they die.”

DML went on to highlight another story about the homeless, this one positive: VIDEO: This town will create a village of tiny homes for veterans

Watch and share the following W&T, and let’s catch these “scumbag(s).”

(You can now watch “United States of Tents” on Amazon Prime!)

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