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Rush Limbaugh
Jan. 12, 1951 – Feb. 17, 2021

The Rush Limbaugh radio show premiered in 1984
Nationally syndicated in 1988
TV adaption 1992 – 1996


Rush was credited with helping Republicans win back the House in 1994 – for the first time in 40 years.





The following video is 7.37 minutes, but it’s worth every minute, as Rush defines what conservatives stand for:



Rush fires up a crowd at a 2018 Trump rally in Missouri:


Mocks Joe Biden for playing Despacito to try to appeal to Hispanic voters:


Receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom – SOTU 2020


Audio of “goodbye message” from Limbaugh’s show on Dec. 23, 2020:

Powerful clip below from January 19, as Rush predicts, “The MAGA agenda will succeed again.”

Limbaugh’s final radio show was on Feb. 2, 2021. In it, he slammed those who are trying to prohibit Trump from having a presidential library. Watch below:



President Trump calls in to Fox News, shares memories of Rush Limbaugh:


Tucker Carlson reflects on Rush Limbaugh’s impact, as he calls into the show with Bill Hemmer and Harris Faulkner:


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