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  1. The election WAS “stolen”. There was mass fraud in multiple states. By “mass” I mean enough to flip the outcome. I don’t believe in coincidences that rise to the level they did in the 20 election. The first bill Democrats came out with was H.R.1 which ensures they will never lose power. It opens the door to fraud with impunity and without recourse. Another coincidence? Not hardly. Cheating worked so well for them the first time around, they want to legitimize it for future elections. How does a blanket denial of fraud benefit the country going forward? Why was the request for audits such a point of contention by the states in question? Why all the pushback if they had nothing to hide and why is the Biden regime trying so hard to stop the Arizona audit? Everything is legit, right? I’m not a conspiracy theorist and I know damn well Biden didn’t get over 80 million votes. Cheney wouldn’t have lost her position had she stopped dismissing the Democrat’s cheat fest as just a “big lie” and put to rest her death wish for Trump. Cheney wasn’t moving forward, she was reaching back. She had become a hindrance to the party. She’s afflicted with Trump derangement syndrome as much as Pelosi is. True ignorance is believing they won’t do the same thing to DeSantis that they did to Trump, or any other strong Republican, of which there are very few. Believing otherwise is a “big lie.” True patriots in this country are the ones who acknowledge what the 2020 election was and who try to stop it from ever happening again.


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