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Actor Jon Voight, a conservative and a staunch supporter of President Trump, posted a video message to his Twitter account this week, with a dire warning for what is to come if Democrat Joe Biden ends up in the Oval Office.

Voight, 81, said, “We’re heading down a street that has no name now. We must not allow our nation to crumble. This is what they want, to destroy America.”

He warned, “Our state, California, is being ruled by a leftist mob,” and said Governor Gavin Newsom is taking away the people’s freedoms, is a disgrace to mankind, and has destroyed many lives by shutting down small businesses, and now he’s wanting to shut the state down again.

“I ask all to fight this battle now, to get them all out,” Voight said. “I’ve been attacked by my peers, saying I’m preaching violence, but the truth is, they all are. The left are burning and destroying our cities.”

“We are willing to fight for freedom – not freedom to burn down our flag, but to raise her up,” Voight said.

He asked for the election fraud allegations be taken to the Supreme Court, and said President Donald Trump is the only one who can save this nation.

Voight asked for Americans to pray, and said the way we are being targeted will be hard to fix, but said it can be done.

WATCH his passionate message below:

Below is another video which Voight posted on Nov. 10, after the media had declared Joe Biden the winner of the election.

Voight warned this is the greatest fight since the Civil War. WATCH:

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    • You’ve got it right! The demo’s have sold us out and themselves too! They haven’t the sense to realize that not only did they dirty in our nests but theirs as well! If America falls it is because they have have rotted it from within just like Herbert Marcuse and his 4 Horsemen & Frankfurt School buddies, Antonio Gramsci & Saul Alinsky worked so hard to get done in our schools and Geo. Soros with his schemes & wealth! Jon Voight is most defiantly correct indeed!!! The Army of Loyola too and the red/green axis (communists & moslems: even Sunni & Shia working together here in America against us. In the middle east they often kill each other off as they consider each other “apostate”!). Glad to see you are quite aware of the satanic danger staring us in the face! Wishing you well and Jon Voight too! Frank Mc Vet USMC RVN service

    • Jon Voight is wrong. There IS a name for the road the Democrats want to take up on. Here is the name: COMMUNISM.

      Check out what happened in countries that have had Communism take over (check out the latest country Venezuela to see what happens to the people of those countries. Then go on line and find out how many people were killed by their Communist masters. especially during the takeover. (Hint) It will scare you beyond measure when you realize that there are those in this country who want communism. Now you know that your life, or the lives of your loved ones would be in danger once Communists take over this country, and that is just the tip of the iceberg of the awful things that happen to people once Communists rule a country.

  1. Full respect to Mr Jon Voight. His message needs to be heard. Surely the state of California has some sane reasonable people still living here. All those small businesses destroyed by political BS. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer and the middle class is disappearing. The governor is a disgrace, like so many others. We must Pray for Devine intervention. Pray as a nation to keep America as to what our forefathers envisioned.

    • “Hammer” & “Scorecard” this software has been used many times over the years since it was made. We have been defrauded and robbed by the pro-tyrants & despots & this “election” MASSIVLY!! Mind boggling brassy thievery and sedition (even treason)! The jerks are coming out in the open and lying openly and brazenly! Grad you spoke and see the tremendous danger> Even the witches & occult are for Biden & his jihadi girl. The world knows its own and loves them! Semper Fi! Frank

  2. John volt is 100% right he’s a patriot a real American he gets it like over 80 90 million more people in this country get it this is a fraudulent election and it must be rectified or we’ve lost America forever even the whole world can see what’s happening here they know biden’s a criminal so is his son he’s a traitor and he’s committed treason Biden should be in prison along with Obama Clinton and all of the other criminal Democrats that have committed crimes against every American and humanity we have to have Justice in this country and we will.

  3. Everyone everybody anybody has to sign while they have to be legal has to sign the recall against Gavin newsom he’s a criminal Democrat nazi-minded needs to be removed it’s simple it’s a super simple process and everybody could do it it’s Gavin newsom’s recall you can find it on the internet download it it’s super simple mail it in that’s what we did

  4. The beast makes war with the people of the earth
    Anfifa , Antichrist, Antieverything, tear it apart, tear it down, tear it to pieces, kill , crust, destroy.
    Looks like we are living some chapters straight from the Bible’s book of Revelations
    All that’s left to do is call upon the name of the lord Jesus

  5. I want to share this but can’t figure out how to do it. I shared it from Twitter but not FB or anywhere else. Anyone know how to do this?

  6. I love this!! Thank you Jon Voight that stands about the rest of those that are in your same occupation! You are the bigger… smarter… and more wise to stand up for what you believe! We will Stand together and Pray for President Trump and the Great Country he has made it!

  7. John is so right the people need to stand up and fight for America! We can’t allow these crooks to steal the election and destroy our country anymore!!

  8. I have always liked John as an actor, but I have come to love him as a human being that puts his life and career at risk to speak out against the lies a deception coming from the Communist Democrats. God Bless and Protect you John!

  9. I have always liked John as an actor, but I have come to love him as a human being that puts his life and career at risk to speak out against the lies a deception coming from the Communist Democrats. God Bless and Protect you John!

    This is not a duplicate post.

  10. I am a patriot, I believe in and love, my Country, my Flag, my Constitution. On Nov 22, 1963 took an Oath to defend and protect my Country from all enemies foreign and domestic. Little did I know they would be in my own government, I have never been relived of that oath.

  11. I believe that because of the power of God we the people
    Even though it seemed an impossibly to defeat such an enemy as Britain was at that time,God brought us thru and
    Has turned this nation into the most powerful nation it is today
    It apparently because of the ungodly corruption is making a hard left turn away from God
    I only hope and pray that we can turn back before it is to late

  12. Anyone know the Nazi Governor of The peoples republic of Oregon? The democrats own this state and have sold us down the river. She has screwed up Oregon so bad they have to close some of the prisons here, not good!


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