WATCH: Alan Dershowitz warns of ‘dangerous’ consequences’ posed by Trump indictment

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Fox Business reports:

Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz warned of the “dangerous” consequences posed by the federal charges launched against former President Donald Trump, arguing the indictment’s “weak” appearance does not meet historic precedent.

“It has to be at least as strong as the case against Richard Nixon, which we will remember led not to Democrats to demand his resignation, but Republicans, his own colleagues came to him and said, this case is so strong that we can’t support you,” Dershowitz said Friday on “Mornings with Maria.”

“I haven’t seen any suggestion that Republicans agree with this indictment,” the professor continued.

“If this indictment is as weak as it appears to be, from what has been disclosed so far, it may be the most dangerous indictment in political history,” Dershowitz said, adding, “As everybody knows, it’s the first time that a man who is the leading candidate against the incumbent president has been indicted by the incumbent administration in an effort to prevent him from running.”

Dershowitz said it sounds like a very weak case.

“It’s an extraordinarily dangerous indictment, potentially dangerous to the rule of law, dangerous to the neutral application of criminal justice, and dangerous to establishing a precedent that each side will weaponize the criminal justice system against their political opponents. That’s not America,” Dershowitz said.

“Look, I voted, myself, against Trump twice. I have a constitutional right to vote against him a third time on the merits, and that right shouldn’t be taken away from me by politicians, by attorneys general, by judges, by jurors. The people have the right to decide who the president should be,” he added.


In an interview with One American News Network, Dershowitz declared, “I have an absolute constitutional right to vote against Trump for the third time, and I don’t want anybody to deny me that right by indicting him falsely.”

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