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A right-wing group’s protest against COVID-19 mask and vaccine mandates turned into a nasty feud with Antifa counter-demonstrators whose rallying cry was to ‘tell the Capitol Rioters to Get Out of Boston.’

The high noon COVID protest at Boston Common on Sunday was organized by a group called Super Happy Fun America, which describes itself as ‘a right of center civil rights organization focusing on defending the Constitution, opposing gender madness and defeating cultural Marxism.’

The article goes on to state the following:

However, anti-fascist demonstrators that included ‘Green Monster Antifa’ – a play on the famous left field wall at  Fenway Park – and ‘Solidarity Against Hate – Boston,’ announced on Twitter they would be showing up to the event in order to ‘Tell the Capitol Rioters to Get Out of Boston.’

Antifa groups announced their counter-protest:

With the antifa groups arriving to confront the mandate protesters, the situation soon turned violent:

Boston Police marched in officers dressed in riot gear:

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  1. I WAS THERE! Thousands of Antifa & BLM groups brought in by busloads courtesy of RINO Gov Baker and new liberal mayor. Overwhelmed the original peaceful rally that was organized. Antifa sprayed brake fluid & mace into peoples eyes. Police did nothing and statements caught on video by cops that they were ordered to stand down “by the top”. Rally was ended early due to unsafe conditions instigated by Antifa. Two planned speakers not able to address the rally crowd.

  2. It’s great to see the guerrilla warriors of the Democrat party out in action. Keep it up losers! Every ANTIFA event means more Republican voters.

  3. Let me see if I’ve got this straight. Protestors (Antifa) whose foundation is protesting again fascist policies conducts a counter-protest against ordinary citizens protesting against fascist Covid policies? You can’t make this up.

  4. It’s funny how these protests are never violent until Antifa shows up! They were allowed to run amok and destroy everything in their path for most of 2020, but conservatives aren’t even allowed to hold a peaceful protest! It’s so disgusting! This is not the America I grew up in. I feel so bad that my children have to grow up in this!

  5. Need a platoon of good people waiting on this trash so when they show up,it can be taken out. Permently. Cops do it’s up to the good people.🔨

  6. Why is it that when ANTIFA gets involved violence starts? Maybe it’s because they are a bunch of thugs working for the deep state…..


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