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Democrat Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went on a 54-minute tirade against men on Instagram on Wednesday, a day after an 18-year-old gunman opened fire at a Texas elementary school, slaughtering two teachers and 19 young children.

“It’s really important that we understand the roots of this,” Ocasio-Cortez said, adding, “The vast majority of mass shooters are young men that have a very troubling history with women almost every single time.”

“There’s a political issue here, but there’s also a very deep cultural issue that we have… we have the radicalization of young men… Young women are not doing this. Young nonbinary people are not doing this. Trans people are not doing this,” she declared, saying that men are being “radicalized.”

“Check on the men in your life,” she said. “Seriously… because there’s… it just feels like there’s very few role models and examples of people talking about this in healthy ways. And it’s a big problem because there are a lot of crises.”

“And especially as we try to evolve out of a world that is predatory on women, gay, non-binary and trans-people because traditional regressive, you know patriarchal values, really create men’s identities and uplift men’s identity in relation to other things, in relation to like, how women treat them, how much stuff they have, etc.”

“And for a long period of time, we’ve been taught that trans and non-binary and women are ‘less than,’ in oppressive societies of quality, feels like oppression, so there are a lot of structures that are having identity crisis right now,” she claimed.

One Twitter user fired back, “The insane word salad @aoc blaming the patriarchy for gun violence..normal men just tune you out and we aren’t shooting up people..who is? The kids being churned out thru ur utopia of govt schools and fatherless teens..and ultra meds via ur big pharma pals..look inward darling..”

Another added, “@AOC you are a contributor to why America is so divided and polarised – remember women and men are different and will never be the same genetically.”

Former Rochester, New York police chief La’ron Singletary responded to Ocasio-Cortez’s statement in a Fox News interview.  He said:

I watched that video over and over again, and I don’t even think AOC knew what she was trying to say. I’ve worked 20 years in law enforcement and the investigation is not complete. And here she is making characterizations and accusations and tying them to a class in our society. It’s the rhetoric from politicians like AOC that continue to divide this country. In fact, what she’s saying is quite sexist and discriminatory. And politicians have a platform, and they have to use that platform, and they have to be careful how they use it. Last I checked, the motive of this shooting is still under investigation, meaning that we don’t know why this murderer decided to go into a school and wreak havoc and kill kids. Let’s call it what it is and deal with whatever it is when the investigation is complete. Instead of sitting down and having conversations to try to come up with viable solutions, what does she do? She takes to social media, improvises rhetoric that neither brings people together nor provides viable solutions.

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  1. She claims Transgender people don’t commit these type of crimes, shooter had pictures in Instagram wearing a dress. The man who attacked Dave Chappelle claimed to be trans.

  2. All she presents is specious arguments. Typical of the right brained, emotionally obsessive, socialist, progressive mindset.

  3. Kids today are confused and probably afraid!! The boys are told that they’re girls and can have babies! The girls think they can be boys! Everyone is fighting, being lied to, up is down and down is up! They are playing these violent video games where they shoot someone and then the shot victim gets up and walks away! I’ve never seen so many people with mental health problems in my life! Damn the schools, video game developers, politicians and all the people just wanting a quick piece of ass with no responsibilities!! No wonder kids are so screwed up!! We have to change the way we’re bringing up our kids or we’re doomed!!

  4. AOC better do some more research, if she has done any. Yes unfortunately most shooters are male. However way back when school shootings were unheard of, the state of Ca had a FEMALE shooter who shot at elementary school children and faculty in the 80’s. Her excuse was she hated Mondays. There was even a song by a band about hating mondays. AOC is a fool. Giving her any attention is destructive. NY do your job and keep her out of the political realm. It seems that mental health has been more of an issue than anything else and the fact we ignore it is dangerous. It isn’t the gun. It’s the person. There are almost always signs.

    Look up the I Hate Mondays shooter. She wasn’t very old. She was in her house and opened fire on a school.

    The former police chief of Rochester got it right.

  5. Do they come any dumber than her? She obviously has no idea how ignorant she sounds each and every time she opens her mouth.

  6. This woman is a wolf in sheeps clothing. She is attractive and seems like a harmless young woman but the ignorant crap she spews and the radical ideas she believes in will lead to the end of our country as we love it. These radical left wing nuts need to be voted out of power now.

  7. People please vote her out. She should not have any decision making with our country. She has no idea what she is talking about and her thoughts can lead to harmful situations. I have been a pediatrician for 30 years. It has much to do with no family unit in place, no structure or moral teaching, no emphasis on education, no mental health seeking, and your family history.

  8. So Cortez what are you marrying ? A man or a mouse ? He must be whipped by you and a real yes man (sissy soy boy)for you to even consider marrying him.Im guessing you sucked the masculinity out of him and hes white also.

  9. AOC needs to go back to bar tending!!! Every time she opens her mouth she digs herself deeper into the ground!! Makes me wonder how and who in NY voted this lethal idiot in????

  10. She shows everytime she speaks she has a limited vocabulary. She only uses a few select words that are tired and wore out. She also just got engaged to a man who doesn’t look like a weakling.

  11. The reason young people are confused and crazy are because of all this gender identity and woke bs you are trying to shove doen their throat. Stop the madness and stop electing this whacked out politicians keeping us from our VALUES


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