WATCH: Behar: If Trump Is Not Indicted We ‘Won’t Have a Country’

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Joy Behar told her co-hosts Friday on ABC’s “The View” that she believes if former President Donald Trump is not indicted, we will not have a country.

Behar said, “Indictments against Trump could reportedly happen at any time now. For those keeping score, here’s speed round of investigations he’s facing. In Georgia, he is being investigated for election interference for pressuring state officials to find more votes. Remember, ‘I just find want to find 11,780 votes,’ remember that. In Florida, the DOJ just subpoenaed dozens of Mar-a-Lago employees over his hoarding of classified documents. Here in New York State, the Manhattan DA could indict him over a hush money payment to porn Star Stormy Daniels.”

She continued, “You can’t get a job in retail if you’re under indictment, yet he’ll be running for president.”

“The point earlier, that it’s going to embolden him and his supporters, that’s the January 6th point. If you confirm Joe Biden as the legitimate president, all hell is going to break loose. We are going to come out and do that. It’s called thuggery, and it needs to stop, and American people can’t be held hostage by a thug,” said co-host Ana Navarro.

“You won’t have a country. If he’s not indicted, you don’t have a country. We won’t have the same country we are used to,” Behar responded.


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  1. The “Hate” in her, will catch up to her eventually. May the abused laws of this country, be used the same on her.

  2. Behar: If Trump Is Not Indicted We ‘Won’t Have a Country’

    Just think about what she is saying. She is admitting that she wants him indicted not because he broke any laws but because she doesn’t like his politics.

  3. I used to watch this show but stopped several years ago when it morphed into an arm of the Democratic Party spewing daily hatred and division instead of anything resembling entertainment. Only left wing nuts still watch this. Gee: that Jane Fonda threat got whitewashed pretty quickly didn’t it?

  4. Bayshore is socialist commie spreading propaganda and lies. Look at your own party which has committed treason and sedition.
    Before should be indicted and all the monkees on the skew!

  5. I wouldn’t waste a post putting what anyone from The View says. I’m a woman who thinks they just sit around clucking and nit picking like my hens do. I don’t waste my time watching that stupid Trump hating show.

  6. I don’t know what happened in Behars life, but she is so full of hate towards those she dislikes. She has no respect for other humans. Karma is going to catch up with that evil person.

  7. The fact that the view is on the air proves we don’t have a country. Isn’t behar 80 going on 110. I believe her and Biden have a combined IQ of 160 which is a good score if your bull riding or (bullsh—ing).she is so insignificant, and just imagine the people that watch that show.

  8. Our daily dose of the most radical hate filled scumbag misfits on the propaganda box. And, their scumbag followers. You can all cheer now but someday it will be your turn. Laugh and enjoy now

  9. You and you’re liberal friends evidently are living in a bubble. This country is barely hanging on you clueless fool.

  10. “Behar out a sock in it”‼️ You are a hate Monger pure & simple Trump WILL BE PRESIDENT YOU CAN BET YOU BIG ASS ON THAT‼️‼️
    You leftist Marxist Obstructionist may get your rocks off for a minute but all this fake publicity does is garner up more support for Trump..

  11. Shut the hell up you ugly piece of household trash. behar talks out of her anal canal. behar, fall out of a chair again like you did months ago.. I would love to see your face planted on the floor.

  12. This woman needs a muzzle. I watched the View when Barbara Walters was on and it was a respectable show. you have to be a witch to be hired for this show now.

  13. Why talk about them if you hate them ur watching them on tv their ratings are going up up up.. war = money all this talk about the view their making $$$$$$$ now stop focus


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