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President Joe Biden sent a clear message to U.S. oil and gas companies on Tuesday after banning the import of Russian oil, natural gas, and coal.

“Let me say this to the oil and gas companies and to the finance firms that back them: We understand that Putin’s war against the people of Ukraine is causing prices to rise,” the president said after announcing the ban at the White House. “But it’s no excuse to exercise excessive price increases or padding profits or any kind of effort to exploit this situation or American consumers.”

The article goes on to state the following:

“Russia’s aggression is costing us all, and this is no time for profit-carrying or price-gouging,” he continued. “I want to be clear about what we will not tolerate, but I also want to acknowledge those firms and oil and gas industries that are pulling out of Russia and joining the other businesses that are leading by example.”

“It’s simply not true that my administration or policies are holding back domestic energy production. That’s simply not true,” Biden continued. “Even amid the pandemic, companies in the United States pumped more oil during my first year in office than they did during my predecessor’s first year. We’re approaching record levels of oil and gas production in the United States, and we’re on track to set a record oil production next year in the United States.”


“Don’t be fooled. Long before Russia invaded Ukraine, families across America were paying dramatically higher gas prices than they faced when President Biden took office,” the Senate Republican Communications Center tweeted.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki echoed a similar sentiment on Monday, telling reporters that the increase in gas prices “is the direct result of the invasion of Ukraine.”

“Gas prices rose $1.14 from Biden’s inauguration to the day Putin invaded,” RNC Research wrote.

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  1. He is an incompetent fool!! Everyone knows it’s his failed policies that are causing this. Grow up Joe and take responsibility for the problems that YOU caused!!

  2. He is not there to help America in anything. This is all about the New World Order, and the Global Reset. He was put in to take away our freedoms, and the high gas prices are part of it. They want us to depend on the Government in every aspect of our life.

  3. What a stupid dump jackass old rotten meat and no body to blame BUT US we let that pos MF idiot to step in the White House and steal the election we met that garbage rule us we are to blame no that skunk

  4. Magoo has no clue what’s going on or how oil leases work. It’s all his fault since he sign the executive order. He may not remember..🤬🤬🤬💩

  5. The Demonrats will never blame themselves!!
    Hence the word DEMON-RAT!
    Intent on
    Destroying our
    Let’s go Brandon

    • I honestly believe that the Democrats have a mental illness, which includes arrogance, lying, cheating, hatred, no morals, only care about those who think like them and will stop at nothing to destroy. Sounds a little like Satan’s values.

  6. This lying demented old clown is the reason everything is going south here at home and around the world it’s all his fault!!!!!

  7. LIAR!!! The gas prices are a direct result of Biden’s policies. Peppermint Patty told us to ask the gas companies what the problem is. We did. Yes there are 9000 open, that is down from over 4x that many. Plus the sites don’t assure there is oil or NG there. Plus there have been ZERO permits issued to actually drill or beyond. There is also supply issues of needed industry components. Also there is little confidence in future government stoppages, retro fines, and loss of investment. BIDEN AND PP ARE BIG FAT LIARS.

    • They want the supply down so we can be like the 3rd World Countries. It’s going to get worse too. November can’t come soon enough. We have to watch them like hawks on the fraud, and now we know what to watch for.

  8. Biden this problem was caused by you asshole and don’t blame Puto because you are the one who started this when you closed the pipelines and you are to blame for the gas prices have gone so high. People who have to work have to pay the high prices of gasoline and they work on hourly wage and have to pay rent food, gasoline, doctors knolls etc. niden this is all your fault and you are the worst President ever and our people here in the United States will never forgive you

  9. I do bookkeeping for several convenience stores/gas stations and after entering all gas sales by month the price of gas from 1/2021 thru 12/31/21 rose 75%. Way before Putin invading Ukraine so Joe us full of crap. He is the cause as they want to justify electric vehicles!!!

  10. I wonder if gas companies understand that they are biting off the hand that feeds them. price is gonna be so high that people will have enough of it and start buying electric cars and then there will be no more need for gas. Where will your profits be then?

  11. This idiot thinks the American people are stupid. What a POS! Just like the state of the union address. All of a sudden the masks were off. No more Dr. Fauci 24/7 on TV or the pandemic. These Democrats are all low Life lying sacks of shit. 2022 and 2024 is the last chance for generations to DRAIN THE SWAMP for good of these Marxist Communist,China Russian loving scumbags.
    That’s If we make it before they kill us all!! #FJB

  12. The first ones to blame are all the fools who voted for him….the second one is Biden and the entire Democrat party. I don’t want to ever hear your stupid buyers remorse, idiots.

  13. This administration has NO FK’N CLUE how oil businesses work. This administration just doesn’t have a FK’N CLUE about anything. So, they blame everyone but themselves.

  14. The entire White House administration is speaking lies as they have since occupying the Whitehouse. How much longer will the nation stand for this? Their statements would be laughable if they weren’t so dangerous!

    • We have to get out the Rino’s, they are hurting our Country too. Vote for only those who are looking at America’s interest. Do research on they voted, the ones that are going for re-election.

  15. Ok is the RNC blaming Trump for high gas prices or biden. It was $2 something a gallon when dummy went in now $3.99 a gallon where I live for regular & diesel is almost $4.50 a gallon. Maybe I read it the wrong way and they are talking about Obama . If not they are as crazy as loons. Bidens policy is to blame for this

  16. Gas prices started going up soon as he took office – does he think we are all that stupid!!!! God he is the worst President of all time!!!

  17. He absolutely thinks the American citizen is stupid. The gas was going up long before Putin invaded Ukrain, but then again you don’t have to gas up your own car. So just keeping lying to convince yourself what you the BS you’re trying to feed us. That whole “say long enough the people will believe it” won’t work with us.

  18. I got news for the dumbass in chief, his policies and war on fossil fuels started the increase of gas prices. Putin’s war just made them go higher and faster. Instead of letting us pump our oil he’d rather kneel at the feet of our enemies and beg them for oil.
    IS IT 2024 YET?


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