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President Biden on Saturday forcefully supported the idea to compensate migrant families separated under the Trump administration’s zero tolerance immigration policy, clarifying that his issue days earlier was with the dollar amount that had been reported.

“Now here’s the thing. If in fact because of the outrageous behavior of the last administration, you coming across the border, whether it was legal or illegal, and you lost your child,” Biden said, wagging a finger and raising his voice. “You lost your child. It’s gone. You deserve some kind of compensation, no matter what the circumstance. What that will be, I have no idea.”

The article goes on to state the following:

Biden’s impassioned comments came during a press conference on the passage of a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. He was questioned about his remarks earlier in the week when he was asked about reports that his administration was preparing to pay separated families up to $450,000 per individual, which Biden said was “not gonna happen.”

When asked about the report on Wednesday, Biden said it was “garbage,” and gave the impression he was not aware of it.

On Saturday, he insisted that he only meant the $450,000 payment number was garbage, but not the idea of compensation for the migrants.

While speaking with the reporter, Biden suddenly went into a raging yell, declaring, “You lost your child! It’s gone! You deserve some kind of compensation, no matter what the circumstance!”


Here’s what Biden said on Wednesday, when asked about the payments to illegal aliens:

REPORT: Angel Families speak out on Biden plan of $450K for illegal aliens

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  1. What a joke. The country being run into the ground. If we could fight, that would be one thing, but they’ll put you in jail and throw away the key for speaking your mind and/or the truth. So sad. If I could leave this country, I would. Smh.


  2. Pres. Potato is at it again…hey where’s VP Tater Tot? Still trying to figure out root causes? Here’s a little common sense:. When you plan something illegal, like crossing a border or any other illegal act, DONT INVOLVE YOUR KIDS. Listen up Biden…you’ve involved yours as well

  3. And who pays for it do you think it’s the government that pays for this crap no it’s me and you the taxpayer that pays for this crap and I’m sick of it why don’t they take care of veterans for people that are actually citizens in this country people that are scraping by on social security instead they’re giving it to people that aren’t even citizens of this country that this poor across the dam border bulshit

    • Just got my FJB t shirt in the mail, live in the “blue” state of NV. Wearing it out tomorrow see what kind of reaction I get!😂🥳🧐

  4. First of all they crossed our border ILLEGALLY, against the law. They knew any possibility of even death could happen, but they took their chances and broke our law anyway. Any other country might have just shot and killed them, or imprisoned them and trafficked their children. Here’s an analogy…if a man is driving drunk with his children in the car, he’s breaking the law, if he’s pulled over, he’s getting arrested and separated from his children…do we now reward him with $450,000 because we separated him from his children?! Biden is a freaken moron, START WORRYING ABOUT HOW YOU’RE MAKING AMERICANS SUFFER, YOU POS!!!

  5. Since you and the Socialist Democrats want them here so badly. Everyone of you needs to pay for them out of your own money and not the taxpayers of this country.

  6. Biden got now the instruction from his boss, who ever it is. Now he change his tune! What an empty vessel he is….! America where you be gone?

    • We all know the”boss” is Obama. These illegals will now purposely lose their children. Does anyone think for a minute that they truly care about their children? So with $450000.00 we now become the lower class, they’re the middle class. Wake up Libs, help us take back our country!😡

  7. They did not lose there children they were separated because children were coming with people that were not there parents and had to be checked out for the safety of the children

  8. Agree with you Joanne! They sent their children with people they didn’t know and they were separated from those people, when they found their parents they were reunited. All they know how to do is blame Trump for everything!!!

  9. How about Marine Rylee MCollum, one of 13 killed in Afghanistan because of Biden’s failed evacuation, and so many other military men and women, being separated from their children FOREVER! FUJB

  10. Here’s their “compensation” for entering our country illegally. Give them back their child/children, and send them back south of the border. The Remain in Mexico policy worked. I doubt as many families were separated under Trump than have been under Biden.

  11. People lost a family member because some killer came across the boarder kills an American they get deported where’s their payout? Wtf ! I pay taxes for these people to come here.something definitely wrong with this picture.someone please take these fucks God.

  12. Folks… wake up! That money is not going to illegals… it’s going to them… those kids missing are being trafficked… connect to dots.
    When people wake the hell up and realize these so called humans in office care about kids… yeah only for one thing money .

  13. Mr. Biden: Let’s get something straight NO ILLEGAL deserves any type of payment illegals should not be here in our America and should be gathered and deported. Do you not understand the meaning of ILLEGAL.That is my tax dollars you are so willing to give away and I want my money to go to the Veterans and homeless Americans ONLY. PERIOD!!!

  14. What a fuck yard. The reason they were separated was because families were sending kids with people who were not their family. As we have seen under this streaks administration families are leave unaccompanied miners at the border. Media needs to call this so called President on his bs remarks.

  15. You fool, Obama build the cages. Trump stopped illegals from destroying this country; you are letting them in by the plane load, sick with diseases and now you want to reward criminals coming into the country?
    This is about votes , what I don’t understand why you wouldn’t protect our Veterans and those citizens that were murdered by illegals.
    This is an invasion and the military is sworn to protect America , foreign and domestic.
    OBid Ladin you are a domestic terriost and should be tried for treason. You were not elected and your entire administration including Obama the muslin included in Treasonable crimes against the American people.
    You know better

  16. The law that makes it mandatory that children are not to be incarcerated with the adults arrested for illegally entering the US, was put in place during the Clinton administration. Ask Biden how he stood on this legislation then. The law is the law. Until legislators change it, it is what must be followed. This law probably saved a lot of children being trafficked. And if a parent chose to break the law, they and their family must accept the consequences. No money!!

  17. Does Obiden even know the meaning of the word “illegal”?? You don’t compensate people for doing illegal actions!! It wasn’t like these people that came here didn’t know they were coming in illegally! NO COMPENSATION!!

  18. BIDEN IS OUT OF HIS MIND! He needs to be stopped before we have a civil war. I can’t fathom a president giving money to a person who comes to our country illegally. When you come with your illegal kids don’t blame it on the took that illegal chance. Why should we give you our taxpayer money? As for the ACLU you are a socialist organization! How can you people sleep at night? I ask the same of Biden but he sleeps all the time and half the time has no clue where he is. Piece of 💩💩💩💩💩💩.

  19. people did lose children from covid !!! They also died alone… people in military lose children!! None of them were compensated!!!!

  20. What about all the hard working Americans that are barely making ends meet? We’re struggling just to feed our kids. My husband makes too much to qualify for state assistance. What about people like us? When will our tax dollars actually go to help the working class? You know, the ones that are actually paying the taxes!

  21. No one put a gun to these illegals and said “Now you go to America ” this was of their own doing. They should all be deported or in jail. Now they are redistributing our wealth just like they promised us they would. THESE ARE SICK SICK PEOPLE IN CHARGE OF OUR COUNTRY!!!!!!!

  22. As a mediator, based on 40 years in the practice, here’s a thought:- give them 10 years of their provable income or salary in home/originating country. According World Population review, the median income ranges between USD$2000 to USD$4000. Being generous each family would get $40,000 which is less than 10% of the numbers being thrown around by Biden’s DOJ. Wake the hell up Biden/Harris.

  23. Kind of odd, trumps staff couldn’t find the parents but shit pants can????? Think about this for a minute. As we know most of the children were brought here to get an adult into the country. Coyotes??? But shit pants found the parents. ODD

  24. Unbelievable!!!! Illegally came to America with children and separated and it’s our fault? What about the hundreds if not thousands in 2021 unaccompanied children who came to America? Are we the tax payers going to pay them reparations too? My God this is so wrong!!!


  26. If your child is gone, then the fault lies with whoever allowed the child to travel and expose them to constant danger knowing the consequences! It isn’t the taxpayers duty to compensate them! Get a grip, Joey!


  28. This decrepit old man has failed to recognize that his regime has lost track of over 14,000 children who have most likely been trafficked by the same thugs coming illegally into our country. Why not company instead the American citizens who reside along the border whose towns, crops and livestock/livelihood haven been negatively impacted by his disastrous border policies. FJB

  29. Too bad we now have a pussified military at the top.. I would welcome a military coup to take down this senile sock puppet we have in the Oval Office along with his puppet masters….

  30. I’m 64 and retired aways back. I worked for decades like many of us legal People, we busted ass. We Meaning most don’t have 450,000 in cash. WTF?????

  31. When you lose your child when you implicate them by illegally making them cross the southern border and then they end up being sold into slavery it only proves that you are a POS.

  32. This joker doesn’t mind given our hard earned , hard paid tax dollars away to people the came here illegally and many who are criminals . This offends me when my disabled sister who is in her 79’s worked hard all her life and is only getting $600 a month from the government and only $30 a month in food stamps. It’s disgraceful. I think every American citizen should refuse to pay taxes all at the same time. They can’t jail us all. I’m sick of these fat cats in government getting rich and spending our money without a care.


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