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President Joe Biden said Wednesday that part of the reason for high inflation is that Americans “have more money” because of his administration’s COVID-19 stimulus checks. He also blamed the issue on the ongoing supply chain crisis and a subsequent demand for goods.

The Labor Department announced Wednesday morning that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 0.9% for the month of October and 6.2% throughout the year, making it the highest rate in three decades. The announcement followed the passage of Biden’s $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package and also comes amid the administration’s push for his $1.75 trillion social spending package to pass Congress.

The article goes on to state the following:

Critics have blamed the government for inflation, arguing that printing more money to help with the COVID-19 pandemic will have long-term consequences. More moderate Democrats, like West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin,  voiced concerns over the administration’s push to spend money. Biden acknowledged this argument  Wednesday, highlighting that “the first major piece of legislation” he passed gave Americans across the country checks for $1,400.

“And the irony is: People have more money now because of the first major piece of legislation I passed,” Biden said.

“You all got checks for $1,400. You got checks for a whole range of things. If you’re a mom and you have kids under the age of 7, you’re getting 300 bucks a month, and if it’s over – over 7 to 17, you’re getting $360 [sic] a month – like wealthy people used to when they’d get back tax returns. It changes people’s lives.”

“But what happens if there’s nothing to buy and you got more money?  You compete for getting it there.  It creates a real problem,” he said, adding that Americans are  “experiencing higher demand for goods because wages are up” and “people have money in the bank.”

Biden also blames the pandemic and climate change for the supply chain crisis, citing the closure of a factory in Malaysia due to a Covid-19 outbreak, and climate disasters closing a port in China having “ripple effect” on US supplies.

“Sounds silly, but that’s literally how it happens,” Biden said.


WATCH: Biden vows to tackle inflation with $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan, suggests cause of supply chain crisis

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  1. This lame duck Administration doesn’t take any kind of blame for EVERY wrong thing they’ve done since Biden was inaugurated. He blames Trump for much of it, even though HE (Biden) had reversed almost every one of Trump’s policies. Now he’s blaming the American people who have suffered due to a complete shutdown of our country & were desperately in need of those stimulus checks. The people with expendable money are those that the Democrats have been unnecessarily paying to stay home instead of going to work. Most of the Americans are barely making ends meet with the high gas prices & inflation.

  2. Please do the public a favor and don’t report on what this incompetent imbecile says or does. He doesn’t deserve our attention and for the most part his so called Presidency is nothing more then a huge distraction while they (Communist Obama), takes down America.

  3. He’s so full of crap. I can’t see how $1400 is the cause of inflation. That money is long gone. I’m sure money went for groceries and bills. Not unloading ships is ridiculous..Since biden is so happy giving orders why don’t you order ships to Florida ports which DeSantist has offered to the ships to unload. Personally I think it’s stupid to sit in port paying daily fines for not being able to unload. The administration is driving up inflation

  4. People have LESS money now you freaken moron!! Gas prices are through the roof, food and necessities cost more!!! Everything you have done is further tearing America to the ground!! People are losing jobs because of your tyrannical mandates, children are being taught in school to hate America, millions of undesirable illegals are infiltrating our country and given OUR tax payer dollars to stay here, and they are going to eventually take jobs from Americans!!! You have destroyed our military, leaving us open to attack, you are not backing law enforcement allowing chaos to reign…you are the biggest POS ever in them Oval Office!!! FJB!!!

  5. What a crock of s**t this is……. yes WE (the American people) got a small amount of money to help us get by: BUT, it is NOTHING compared to what this imbecile is thinking of giving to illegals. WTF is wrong with making this IDIOT accountable for ALL that he has done to this Country.
    WHY DOESN’T SCOTUS STEP IN/INTERCEDE DO SOMETHING to stop 🛑this madness. (Republicans/Democrats that have switched Parties) stand up and DEMAND that this MORON be taken down along with his ENTIRE ADMINISTRATION before WE AMERICANS are “Dead in the water”!!!!

  6. Geezus, he is a f—king idiot! The Democrats love to make crisis’ so they can solve them. 🤦🏻‍♂️ The absolute definition of incompetence.

  7. He’s so out of touch with reality. 1400 is long gone and certainly didn’t make any family rich. Spent on necessities like food and gas to get to work. Please resign and take all the idiots with you.

  8. Along with this moron We have 36 republicans who voted to destroy us all with that stupid infrastructure bill. Breitbart made a list of all 36 to see who are up the rear of democrats for money they all sold us out to kill us . Trust none of them ! Well folks we have a wussie moron in our house
    Too stupid to get out of the rain And evil enough for Satan to use to kill the American people
    Well I for one despise this fool who has shown the entire world we have an imbecile over our country Are you ready yet ? America barely came out from the ashes Obama caused And he is behind this fool doing it again . It’s time to stop our enemies within and those who are not legal Americans get them out.

  9. How dare he blame us for inflation from taking stimulus checks! Those checks didn’t even make up for the amount of money my husband lost due to his hours getting cut to strictly 40 hours a week. In 16 years of working at this company having overtime the only week he didn’t have overtime was the weeks he took off for vacation. In addition to him losing his overtime I lost two months of pay being off because of the shut down. No I didn’t receive the extra money through unemployment or unemployment for those two months either. Our resident blames everybody and everything else but what is truly to blame, his bad decisions! What a joke!

  10. You slap mandates on us. Close business all of witch have hurt my me and my family horribly. Nothing but pain from Biden. Let’s go Brandon.

  11. I would love to know where the money is then. Having to sell my home because with inflation and the prices going up on ever I can’t make the mortgage payments any longer. Was doing great while Trump was President then enters Biden and things went to hell in a handbasket

  12. That moron in the WH is out of his mind! The only ones getting more money are those who refuse to go back to work and are collecting enhanced unemployment benefits thanks to the stupid democrat run states that keep it going so as to keep businesses from reopening since they can’t get any workers. Yes! You Magoo, have caused the bad economy & inflation! Stop the bs mandates & all the other crimes you are committing! Stop bringing in the illegals that you don’t require a vaccine or Covid testing on! SMDH

  13. Those checks were sent out many months ago and people didn’t spend them up in stores. Many paid bills like my daughter and her friends. Anything to deflect the blame. Most us know that’s a lie. We


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