WATCH: Biden Spent $1 Billion To Get Schools Electric Buses. This School District Says Theirs Hardly Work.

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Michigan’s fourth-largest school district is having “significant” performance issues with its expensive electric buses, issues that come after the Biden administration spent $1 billion to “transform America’s school bus fleet” with electric models.

During an April 19 presentation to the Ann Arbor Public Schools Board of Education, the district’s environmental sustainability director, Emile Lauzzana, highlighted a number of issues with the district’s electric bus fleet. Those buses, Lauzzana said, have “a lot of downtime and performance issues” and aren’t “fully on the road,” despite the fact that they are “approximately five times more expensive than regular buses.” The infrastructure upgrades required to use the buses, meanwhile, were “originally estimated to be only about $50,000” but “ended up being more like $200,000,” according to Lauzzana. “I have a number of colleagues in different states who are facing similar challenges,” the district official lamented. “For the school bus market, it’s been challenging for us.”

Just months before Lauzzana’s admission, President Joe Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency announced it awarded nearly $1 billion in taxpayer funds to “transform America’s school bus fleet” with “over 2,400 clean school buses that will accelerate the transition to zero emission vehicles.” But problems with electric buses occurred long before the agency’s announcement.

“We have had a lot of down time and performance issues with these buses,” the official admits in his presentation.

“It’s been a tough two and a half years with this program,” he laments.


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  1. Electric buses are dangerous!
    In CT an electric city bus caught on fire while being in the city garage!!!
    I would not want my kids on one!
    Fucktard biden administration just know how to piss our taxpayers money away 😡

  2. What do you expect of something NOT thought out and researched by none other than joe, the dumb ass donkey butt. He graduated 76th out of 85 students in his law class. In the lowest 10% of the dumb students at the bottom of the scale. How the hell did this absent minded demented fool get where he is? He has been a political loser/hack for 50+ years throughout his relentless career. Did he know what he was buying? Doubt it.

  3. In everything he does, JB keeps making an A$$ of himself. Being cognitively impaired, he could be given a pass, but how many more times? And where’s “Dr.Jill” who supposedly is cognitive but never speaks up or stops him?

  4. Biden doesn’t actually care if the buses work properly, he just wants to announce that he made the buses electric. The first time a bus catches on fire, especially with kids on board he’ll come up with some lame excuse and blame Trump. I’m so sick of this demented old fool who can’t even remember how and where his own Son died. Pathetic!!!!

  5. Idea: we could go back to the electric buses from old. Of course we would spend trillions to set up the overhead electric lines by which the buses would obtain the power. Then you would have to have those lines installed throughout the countryside. But hey, it’s only monet.

  6. I wonder who gave dementia Biden the idea of electric cars and now the school buses don’t work and what’s waste of money and I only care gas cars, buses, stoves and etc so fuck you dumb asshole Biden and his administration including asshole Obama and stay away from evil Biden ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️


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