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President Biden revived his frequently ridiculed stage whisper Friday while addressing the US Naval Academy’s Class of 2022, stooping over his microphone to remind them that “I’m your commander-in-chief.”

Biden addressed the graduates for approximately 25 minutes during the outdoor ceremony at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in Annapolis, during which he slammed Russian President Vladimir Putin over his three-month-old invasion of Ukraine.

The article goes on to state the following:

Biden spoke under overcast skies as the ceremony proceeded in defiance of a National Weather Service tornado watch.


“You’ve all got so much to be proud of, you rally do. By the way, once you’re commissioned remember, I’m your commander-in-chief, so don’t ask me too tough a question, ok?”


RNC Research pointed out that  during the speech “Biden falsely claimed he “was appointed to the [Naval] Academy in 1965” while speaking to Naval Academy graduates today.

“Biden graduated from the University of Delaware in 1965, making that impossible.”

The Daily Mail reported that Biden also made a false claim during the Friday commencement address to graduates, saying that North Korea sided with the U.S. against Russia after its invasion of Ukraine.

“‘Did anybody think, when I called for sanctions against Russia, in addition to NATO, did Australia, Japan, North Korea, some of the [Association of Southeast Asian Nations] countries would stand up and support those sanctions?’ Biden asked the more than 1,200 midshipmen in the class of 2022,” the Mail reported.

In comments about Putin, Biden said:

“The actions taken by Putin were an attempt to — to use my phrase — to Finlandize all of Europe, make it all neutral.

“Instead, he NATO-ized all of Europe.”

He was apparently trying to use the phrase “Finlandize,” but he said “Fingalize,” the Post pointed out, explaining that the phrase refers to Finland’s Cold War-era practice taking a modest approach to international politics to stay friendly with its neighbors in Moscow.

From the Mail:

Biden charged Russian President Vladimir Putin with trying to wipe out Ukraine’s culture.

“Not only is he trying to take over Ukraine, he’s really trying to wipe out the culture and identity of the Ukrainian people – attacking schools, nurseries, hospitals, museums, with no other purpose,” he said.

He called it a “direct assault on a fundamental tenets of rule based international order.”

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  1. I’m sure these patriotic cadets are well aware he is the commander in chief, but most likely, don’t call him that in private.

  2. What a disappointment for these young folks after all their hard work and dedication!! Congraduations graduates!!

  3. I really really hate this phony F. Destroying the USA, these cadets should be ashamed of being there, PERIOD !!!!

    • and kicked Biden outta the Oval Office! Biden is such a wimp! Can’t believe we still have him for 1-1/2 more years! Sheesh 🙄

  4. All the above comments cover my sentiments aswell…Hes a Disgusting Vial Human period…My Twin Grandsons were just sworn in..USMC I am proud of them but they know my concerns and Disapproval of the forced shots and the demented P.O.S Occupying the WH. They get it. GodBless each and every one of the Cadets that Graduated. 🙏 and Thank You for Your Service.

  5. The real sad and scary part is that the service chiefs and some of those cadets still support Biden instead of adhering to the oaths to protect and defend our constitution from enemies foreign and domestic . We are lost

  6. Man, for someone who despises Trump I’ve never seen someone try so hard to be like him. He falls on his face each and everytime. He’ll never be anywhere close.
    Every one on this planet knows how much of a dumbass he is. There are a few that won’t even answer his calls! 2024 can’t come soon enough!!!

  7. Did Joe whisper how many times he was deferred from going to war in his younger days bet he didn’t whisper that to them

  8. He probably said that because his handlers have said that the military are not following his commands about the vaccines and are are speaking out about the lies of systemic racism and the systemic LGBTQ phobias and condemning the President’s actions of the Afghanistan pullout and that they just don’t believe in him. First off this man would lie about a sunny day being a cloudy day even as he gets a sunburn standing outside! Secondly he would most likely make some kind of deal with N.Korea that would put our country at great risk, trying to sell us the same bill of goods that they’ve done with Iran! We as country are between a rock and a hard place because of the people that are in the line of succession if he is removed, resigns or dies. We know Harris can’t lead and would enjoy using the pen to implement the progressive agenda of the farthest left ideology which is socialism and creating a rapid and dangerous division of the races. We would see a dramatic increase in the hate and violence against the different races especially the rhetoric that blacks are being oppressed, enslaved and murdered by whites and cops as soon as they open their doors. Pelosi seems to be a drunkered, but is probably just so old that she doesn’t give a damn anymore just as long as she can have power and riches!


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