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Interior Secretary Deb Haaland struggled Thursday to respond to lawmakers’ questions about Biden administration energy policy, during a Senate hearing.

Haaland appeared before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee to speak about the administration’s 2023 budget proposal. Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, the committee’s chairman, and Republicans on the panel proceeded to grill Haaland on gasoline prices and the administration’s hostile approach to oil and gas drilling.

The article goes on to state the following:

“Secretary Haaland, the bottom line is that you have the ability to make some of the changes we’ve recommended [to the federal oil and gas leasing program],” Manchin told the interior secretary. “There are practical changes that should’ve been made by now. You don’t need us. You can look at [the program] and review it, and if we think you’re out of bounds we’ll pull you back in.”

RNC Research posted several short clips of the disastrous exchanges.


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  1. There is NO ONE in this administration that has a clue how to do their job!!! Only how to Destroy America and they ALL need to be Fired and held Accountable

  2. Every day we get to meet more morons in this administration. And each one seems dumber than the previous. I know there are a lot of idiots in the world, but do they all work for Brandon?

  3. This is what happens when you have people in charge who live in la la land. They make decisions on ideology/dreams, rather then facts and the real world.

    • Lol! Naw Man! You’re the Fixer!
      You fuck her!
      I’m just a can full of vegetables! “If it says, “Libby Libby Libby on the Label Label Label. You will Like It , Like It,Like it, on the Table Table Table!”

  4. UM, um, um…. She was not prepared to answer any questions, on 2nd thought how can she ?! And she’s not a good liar. What good is she , fire her along with the rest of them , FIX OUR COUNTRY !!!

    • She’s not a scientist, engineer, or a smart person…probably not a biologist either, so maybe not a woman?! 🤡🙄🤣

  5. The stupid leading the blind. We’ll never see Trump’s low gas and food prices again with fools of this caliber in charge of operations.

  6. Who in the world put her as secretary? She needs to fired and remove all these bad Democrats and dementia Biden, Harris, and Pelosie need to be impeached because they have ruined our country.

  7. Every member of this administration is an unqualified radical. They want to change the world into their vision not matter what the cost to American citizens. People do not want to be strong armed to buy electric cars by the high price of gas. The high prices are solely due to this administration WANTING to kill the gas and oil industries. Period.

  8. Unbelievable, this is the third Secretary in a week who has danced around questions asked. What are they hiding! Least transparent Administration ever

  9. The only thing that is making things difficult for Americans is the corrupt evil power hungry DemonRats. We get rid of them the problems will be fixed.

  10. She’s a woman,that’s all you need as qualifications in the Biden circus.Ive never seen such pathetic governing in my life,hopefully mid terms will stiffle this embarrassing BS…


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