WATCH: Black conservatives warn reparations are a ‘scheme’

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Conservatives are telling Black Americans not to believe Democrats promising them reparations, but that they are being manipulated in a “cynical bait and switch” for votes.

“I would tell every Black American who believes that the Democrats will come up with a policy that will solve all their problems, and that money will solve all of their problems, to dig into the history,” former Princeton professor, Dr. Carol Swain, told Fox News Digital. “Look at the people who are making those promises. Have they come through in the past? Why do you believe them now?”

The growing demand for reparations to atone for the harms of slavery is being led by politicians at the state and local level, with cities like Los Angeles, California; St. Louis, Missouri; Providence, Rhode Island; Asheville, North Carolina forming commissions to help create reparations pilot programs.

“The Democrats – this is what they do,” Swain explained. “They see this as a way to get Black Americans all excited about 2024, believing that if they elect a Democrat president, that somehow that person will push it through Congress. They promise the moon, they deliver nothing, and it’s more of the same.”

North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson also weighed in, saying, “Once the vote is over, they’ll say, ‘We’re still working on it.’ The next vote will come around, and they’ll say, ‘Oh, we’re almost there,’” Robinson told Fox News Digital. “It’s just simply a scheme to gain votes from voters. That’s all it is.”

WATCH their full remarks in the video below:

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  1. Ms. Swain is a lovely woman speaking on this subject. She is 100% correct. It is all a lie for a vote, then they will be kicked to the curb after they vote.

  2. It’s been this way for years and yet the blacks still tie the line for the Dems. Yep, stay on the plantation. Dems only use the blacks every election cycle for the votes . Blacks still haven’t figured out they’re being used. The thing the left hates more than conservatives is black conservatives; they’re not supposed to be anything but a Dem and they’re not supposed to think for themselves according to Dems.

  3. A promise of money so you vote for them. Just like they did with the student loans. They will never give the money, just dangle the carrot. They are to busy stealing and laundering all the taxpayers money for themselves!


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