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Secretary of State Antony Blinken again appeared before Congress Tuesday to face grilling over the White House’s handling of American military withdrawal and evacuation.

Blinken faced tough questions from top Republican senators over the botched exit from the region and leaving Americans stranded under control of the Taliban.

The administration has referred to the effort to evacuate Americans and allies as an “extraordinary success,” and Sen. Ron Johnson was not pleased the the secretary of state’s testimony.

“Mr. Secretary, if I were just to read your testimony, not having watched any news, I would literally think this was a smashing success,” Johnson told Blinken Tuesday. “What concerns me the most, among many things, is that detachment from reality.”


In attempt to defend the administration, Blinken said the actions that were taken were based off information from NATO allies.

Johnson interrupted Blinken to label his response “bureaucratic speak.”


Senator Ted Cruz also took the gloves off while questioning Blinken, telling the Secretary of State to “own this disaster.”


While facing questions from Cruz, Blinken admitted that the Biden administration has imported child brides to America.

Despite denials from the administration, Blinken appeared to confirm reports that a list of Americans and Afghan allies was given to the Taliban.

“We gave a manifest to the people at the checkpoint,” he said. “This happened in a handful of situations.”

Cruz also shared his disappointment in the weaponry left behind, which Blinken stated does not “poses a strategic threat to us.”

Senator Rand Paul pushed Blinken on the drone that supposedly killed an ISIS-K member in retaliation for the suicide bombing that killed 13 American military members and hundreds of Afghans. The man who was killed was later reported to have no affiliation with ISIS or the Taliban.

Paul questioned the secretary of state on the identity of the man, to which Blinken said, “I don’t know because we’re reviewing it.”

“You’d think you’d kind of know before you off somebody with a predator drone,” Paul said


Paul also slammed Blinken for the weaponry the American military left behind, which now is in the hands of the Taliban.

“Never in my worst nightmares could I have imagined that an administration would leave $80 billion of weaponry to the Taliban,” Paul told Blinken.


Senator Risch decided to take the opportunity to question Blinken on the abrupt shutdown of Biden’s livestreams as he moves to take questions.

“Who in the White House has authority to ‘press the button’ and cut off Biden’s mic,” Risch asked, to which Blinken replied, “There is no such person.”


WATCH: Republican derails Afghanistan hearing by asking who can ‘press the button’ to silence Biden

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WATCH: Republican derails Afghanistan hearing by asking who can ‘press the button’ to silence Biden


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  1. So we go through all the theatrics and then what? We are seeing this over and over again and absolutely nothing is done. What’s the point, Republicans will talk it death and roll over and play dead in the end and the DEMONcrates will continue on with their corrupt ways


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