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A massive crowd of protesters took to the streets again for the fourth night in a row in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota on Wednesday, over the death of 20-year-old Daunte Wright.

The protest was taking place outside the police precinct, as Wright was shot and killed by a police officer when he resisted arrest during a traffic stop.

While covering the protest, CNN reporter Miguel Marquez and his camera crew were attacked by the protesters and chased out of the area.

Washington Examiner reporter Nic Rowan shared videos on Twitter, first saying the protesters had thrown a water bottle at a CNN crew member and hit him square on the head. They surrounded him and mock him when he fell down.


The Black Lives Matter protesters then chased the entire CNN crew, as they fled to their vehicle.

Eggs were thrown at the vehicle just as they were attempting to drive away.

WATCH what happened below:

Ironically, Miguel Marquez also covered the George Floyd protest last May. The Washington Examiner shared a video of Marquez declaring the protest was a “merry caravan” and “entirely peaceful.”  Seconds later, bottles of water were thrown at him.

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  1. America is at war. It’s time to shit or get off the pot people. Americans shall not tolerate this behavior from these animals. Period.

  2. So the CNN crew got attacked. I am sure that
    was a surprise. I wonder how peaceful these
    reporters think they are now? For CNN they
    seemed to think they were immune to attack.
    I guess sometimes things have to happen to you
    personally before you wake up.

  3. I cracked up just reading the headline!!!!! And that’s what happens when you feed the bear!!! CNN is a bunch idiots and liars!!! Next it will be the people in gated communities that say we don’t need a wall!!!! Still

  4. As Don Lemon says, they’re an easy target, but they can take it. So, while CNN continues to throw Lemons at us, I won’t really mind if their BLM heroes throw eggs at them.

  5. Is don lemon always stoned ?or does he just look that way ? The eyes are the window to the soul they say!!!

  6. Peaceful protests????? Yea right….these people laughed as the man feel after being hit in the head with a filled water bottle. Yeah that’s real funny

  7. CNN is oblivious. I am so happy they were treated this way. They thought BLM were their friends, so funny. I bet CNN regrets the donation they gave this terrorist group.

  8. They should send Lemon to these ‘mostly’ peaceful protests (actually looting mob riots) in the streets and let’s see what they do to him. But he’d rather his coworkers do it for him so he can ‘report’ (ha) it. Next it will be war in the streets with BLM and Antifa and migrants, the three way war, you’ll see, coming to a city near you.

  9. Yeah, we’ll, it’s well deserved CNN, we’ll deserved. CNN is hardheaded so it may take several of these “peaceful protests” to realized that maybe, just maybe, they’re not so peaceful after all.

  10. CNN, it is hilarious because this lying station strongly supports these morons. Blm? What I see is a bunch of street thugs glad a young black man was killed … they needed new tv’s and shoes. That is the message they send, nothing is about race when it’s used for theft and burning communities.


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