WATCH: Border rancher forced to move family after migrant incidents, says Biden has ‘destabilized the border’

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A Texas ranch owner said President Biden has completely “destabilized the border” and he does not think the situation will get any better until he leaves office.

Double M Ranch owner Mike Hayes joined “Fox & Friends” Tuesday from El Indio, Texas to share what he has experienced as the border continues to see a surge of illegal crossings.

The article goes on to state the following:

“So long as this president is in here, I don’t think it’s going to get any better. He’s destabilized the border,” he told host Will Cain.

Hayes said, “Last summer I was in the hay fields and my wife and my daughter was in the house and a guy tried to break in the door with them. And if it wasn’t for my son, 13 years old, running up there and getting on him, he would have probably made his way in there. And then there was an attack of an elderly lady up towards Eagle Pass. It didn’t take much for them to decide this wasn’t where we wanted to live anymore.”

Cain asked the rancher why he is still there while his family lives in another state.

He replied, “Everything I got is tied up in the ranch.”

Hayes added that he is grateful to the Border Patrol, state police, and the military for trying their best to help with the situation but said they are too “overwhelmed” with the influx.

Rep. Tony Gonzales said just days earlier to host Guy Benson that he has talked to Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei. He said that Giammattei would be willing to help with the situation but Biden has not asked for assistance.

Gonzales told host Guy Benson on Fox News Radio, “I specifically asked the president of Guatemala, ‘Hey, what would  it take in order for you to take more of these repatriation flights?'” His answer was: ‘One simple thing, Tony. I just need the President of the United States to call me. He won’t even call me.’”

WATCH the interview below:

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  1. God bless this man and his family but he needs to change the ” i dont think” to ” i KNOW ” as far as things will get any better until magoo is OUT .

  2. Part of Obamas great reset is destabilizing our country. It’s happening on a dramatic scale…depleting our police, flooding the border, starvation and homelessness, burdensome taxation, disarming the citizens, propaganda being taught in our schools. People must wake up.

  3. Regardless of anyone’s party preference, I just have to ask…”What kind of a person can support this character calling himself the president?” He is the weakest, most unintelligent old man, and has absolutely no idea how to run this country or do what is best for our people. But then again, is he really the one running things? I wouldn’t let him run a doggie daycare by himself. It just gets more pathetic by the day. He has mooched off of this country for 50 years as a career politician, and now he’s completely destroying it. We are going to go belly up before long with him at the helm.

  4. He is not running this country! All the rich, evil men behind the curtain are running it! Their guy in charged of handling Biden is Obama! They tell Obama and he tells Biden! Just my opinion!


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