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The unwitting host of the suspect in the deadly Christmas parade rampage in Wisconsin said the ex-con nonchalantly asked him if there was “something going on downtown” — moments after he allegedly plowed through the crowd.

Daniel Rider told CBS News that he was sitting in his living room watching the Dallas Cowboys play the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday when Darrell Brooks knocked on his door and asked for help.

The article goes on to state the following:

Brooks appeared to be shivering, so the homeowner invited him inside, lent him his jacket and even made him a sandwich as the stranger borrowed his phone to call his mother and waited for an Uber.

Rider said he missed hearing the alerts coming in on his phone, because he had allowed Brooks to use the phone.

“I had no idea anything was happening,” Rider said. “He is telling me that, ‘Oh, is there something going on downtown?’ I was like, ‘There’s a parade today.’ And he was like, ‘Oh, that’s probably the parade.’

Rider said Brooks was “polite” to him,  but explained, “So he was just completely putting on a face and lying about everything.”

In fact, Brooks had just killed five people and injured dozens more, as he plowed right through the parade, zigzagging as he drove in what police have described as an intentional act.

A sixth victim, an 8-year-old child, died Tuesday.

WATCH the news report below, which includes the interview with Rider:

Below is the Ring doorbell camera footage as Brooks showed up on Rider’s front porch. Police are seen arriving and arresting Brooks.

VIDEO: Creepy video captures Darrell Brooks moments after deadly parade attack

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  1. I dont care what color those people were that he ran over and murdered! Neither does God! Justice needs to be served on a deliberate act of violence!! Not his first go around with violence, he needs punishment this time!!! Will the blm and friends protest this killing??? When will people of all color stand up for everyones right to life to live peacefully and protest together for an end to this division??

  2. He better get on his knees and pray to God for help and mean it because that’s the only thing that will save him but shouldn’t be no saving him from his punishment in this life. It was horrible what he did. Hope he dreams about the screams and crying in a nightmare every night!! People like AOC needs to have nightmares to every night!!!

  3. Piss on this guy!!! I’m sorry but not sorry… we should bring back public executions for criminals like this… they executed Osama bin Laden we should execute this worthless turd

  4. One of the main reasons why this POS killed several innocent people and maimed dozens more was apparently because he hates white people. Yet moments later it is a random white man who, finding this stranger shivering, invites him into his home, lets him borrow his phone, loans him a jacket, and even feeds him. The irony!

    Some of us have entertained angels. But some of us have entertained demons, too.


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