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On Sunday, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that he wanted “sensible gun control” in response to the mass shooting at a supermarket in his city on Saturday.

Brown said, “The thing that this tragedy shows us is that this can occur anywhere. It’s not just Buffalo. It’s how to make people all across this country feel safe. It’s not just African-Americans. It’s how to make people in urban America, suburban America, and rural America feel safe. The only way to do it is to really get to the point of sensible gun control in this country, to end hate speech on the internet and social media, to stop the proliferation of hateful ideology. Those are the ways that we make black people feel safe in Buffalo, that we make people feel safe all across this country.”

The article goes on to state the following:

He continued, “There are some on one side of the aisle that block anything from being done. It seems like there are those that believe owning a gun is more precious than the sanctity of human life. So I think people all across this country have to rise up. They have to speak more loudly and more clearly that there must be gun control in this country. This is a uniquely American phenomenon. these mass shootings don’t happen in other countries across the world.”

“I’d like to see real, deliberate action taken on gun control and ending hate speech on the internet,” Brown said in an interview with Meet the Press.

WATCH interview below:

Mayor Brown tweeted, “Enough is enough! The news of the shooting at a church in Laguna Woods, CA is absolutely sickening. No community should have to go through the trauma of a mass shooting. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with all of those impacted by gun violence in this country.”

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  1. Get criminals off street, enforce current gun laws , don’t let the perpetrators that go on social media and make threats go unchecked as in most of the cases !!!

  2. Yes, let’s have everyone give up our rights since the government is afraid to deal with actual criminals.
    Suddenly the gun owners will be the criminals, because it’s easier to (en) force laws on law abiding citizens.

  3. Brown ! Numb Nuts !! Here’s the ancient saying and truth of the matter ! “ guns don’t kill people, people kill people “ these are not sane people committing these acts ! They are mentally ill, the family and people around these sickos that do these shootings have to know all to well they’re are not right in the head ! Deal with the mental issues don’t blame the guns blame the mental illness.

  4. Leave the law-abiding citizens helpless with your stupid gun control laws. Yes, let’s have the criminals rejoice because even more laws are would make it difficult to get a gun. The criminals will have NO problem getting their guns illegally. How are those drug control laws working for us? We are a drug-free country, right?

  5. Gun control? You mean leave us defenseless. Stop hate speech on social media? You mean censorship. Every effort is made to force us to submit to their socialist agenda. The 1st & 2nd amendment doesn’t fit into that narrative.

  6. It would be a hell of a lot worse taking away law abiding citizens’ guns. The criminals will have cubs regardless and crime would be even worse. They should stop dividing the country but then they wouldn’t be able to do their dirty deeds.

  7. The Dems know how to destroy a country. How about keeping the Shooters locked up and giving us law biding citizens more training and better guns with free bullets when training.

  8. Taking the high road is see. Talking about the sanctity of HUMAN LIFE? Your obviously not tally about pro life are you. You know, the woman’s right to kill her baby just because it’s an inconvenient truth in her body. Just kill it, and hey make a little money on the side with the body parts. Now that’s sanctity of life right?
    Funny that that murdering hate filled scum has more rights that a helpless baby.
    He’ll be out with bail reform after he gets a shower, a hot meal, and a nights rest. Three hots and a cot, and back on the street to kill again. But hey, it’s the guns fault, the gun did it right?

  9. Gun control? What about sensible law enforcement agencies doing their job of filing reports and monitoring troubled/ mentally unstable student/adults they have encountered. If they had, this teen would have been red flagged and not been able to buy a gun and guns in his home would have been removed

  10. “ taking your guns is how you make black people feel safe in Buffalo” where was this ass hat when the black guy mowed down all the people in the Christmas parade or when the black gunman shot all those people in the subway or how multiple blacks die at the hands of other blacks every single day in Chicago? The way you stop gun violence is to return fire.

    • Its because it was not a white male killing people. It does not fit the Democrat or msm narrative about white supremacy.

  11. So many young male doing these shootings. I wondering if they played war games on video. I been suspicious of these games for a long time. As addictive as they, are these games de-sensitivity of the person. Are they programmed to commit an act of violence.

  12. Let’s just attack and destroy the very foundation of what our country was founded on! The first and second amendments! Politicians like this are either completely stupid or corrupt! There is no in between! The oath they take is obviously nothing more than a joke to them! It’s past time to start taking out the trash! The trash is building up! Time to order some dumpsters! This scum always likes to use the word safe! We have to keep Joe And Jill Blow safe from guns or safe from viruses! They love to use the fear tactics to restrict our rights! Let me tell you something you regurgitated scum! I WOULD LITERALLY DIE BEFORE I JUST SIT BACK AND LET YOU TAKE MY GOD GIVEN RIGHTS! I am an American! Do you know what makes me feel safe? Having the ability to return fire on any nutcase that shoots at me or any other innocent people! I’ve carried a weapon on me everywhere I go, and have for 36 years! Not once have I ever had to use it, and I hope I don’t, but I have a right to have it and nobody, not you, not the President, NOBODY WILL EVER TAKE IT FROM ME UNLESS THEY TAKE IT FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS! I am not a threat to anyone but the bad guys! Stick your censorship and your gun control straight up you effing ASS!


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