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Blexit founder and political commentator Candace Owens, took to ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ on Monday to slam the Democrats for their opposition to voter ID laws because of ‘racism.’

Democrats all over the country are slamming Republicans pushing for and passing legislation to protect the integrity of elections by requiring a government ID to vote because they claim many minorities do not have an ID. Therefore they are accusing Republicans of racism and voter suppression with laws that Biden likened to Jim Crow.

“Candace, do you have a government issued ID and if you do, how did you get it,” Carlson jokingly asked Owens.

“I’m so excited to announce to the world that I was actually able to secure government-issued ID, because I am smarter than a fifth-grader,” Owens replied.

Owens went on to obliterate the Democrats for implying that minorities aren’t smart enough to obtain an ID to vote and how the party uses minorities to attack anything they don’t like by calling it ‘racist.’


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  1. WTF is the problem with “having” an ID. You can’t register without one so you already have it. Voter ID is nothing more than asking you to show it.

  2. Candace Owens for President! I agree with her 100% of the time. I’ve tuned out the word “racist”. It’s been over used and now means nothing. I don’t understand the left at all. They all must hate America. Until Obama, our country was healing, I witnessed it for 4 decades in a classroom. After Obama the kids and their parents became rowdy and abusive. Was so glad to retire in 2012

  3. You are demanded to have a Social Security Card the day you are born here! ITS MANDATORY ESPICALLY IF YOU WANT TO CLAIM YOUR THOUSANDS IN CHILD TAX CREDIT! That’s a federal ID right there! It can get you an ID or a Driver’s license with that! AND DONT FORGET! You also must get the social security number if you want your medical insurance to pay for the child’s medical expenses at birth! So don’t tell me they don’t have a way!

  4. Many countries in the world used the Voter ID and some of them with a fingerprint so then all of them are racist? I believed the left favorite word is racism, on these days they use it for everything. Is their propaganda to get their way in anything and everything. Sick and tired of their rhetoric!


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