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Rapper Kanye West spoke out against abortion in lengthy interview recently with Revolt TV’s “Drink Champs”.

“Fifty percent of all black deaths per year is abortion,” he said, adding that “Plan B” [Planned Parenthood] “was created by Margaret Sanger with the KKK for black population control.”

He referred to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, saying, “I know the guy from Texas got a lot of backlash for changing the laws.”

West said he wants to create a “Plan A,” to help save Black babies if the parents can’t take care of them.

In a Fox News interview on Friday, talk show host and political commentator Candace Owens praised West for speaking out and said, “He’s actually very correct.”

“You know, I’ve spoken about this often you see so often the left and the liberals talking about Black Lives Matter, but when you mention abortion to them, they suddenly get very shy and very quiet. They don’t want to discuss it because the statistics are staggering. That’s some real data that we can actually take a look at,” Owens said.

“It is true that the Black population would be double what it is today if it wasn’t for abortion. It is true that Planned Parenthood was founded by a eugenicist, who did not want Black people to procreate. So, quite frankly, Margaret Sanger, she was a success story. She created Planned Parenthood, and she wanted to target people that she saw as not wanting to be reproduced in this society, and Black people were targeted. It has been successful, so Kanye West is right to continue to beat the drum and to draw attention to this issue,” she added.


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  1. West and Owens are both right. Now let’s talk about the white race too that’s dwindling. Time to build up both races!!! All races!!!

  2. I do hope that Some big black names like Kanye West, Tiger Wood and others bring more reality to the black community….money is part of our life, but family should always will be “Why human exist”.


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