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Chris Wallace has revealed he still does not know if his future lies at CNN or ‘some place else’ – four days after its streaming service flopped after just three weeks.

The news anchor, 74, who ditched Fox News after 18 years for a $5million job at CNN+, said he was ‘in good shape’ and was ‘going to be fine’ regardless.

The article goes on to state the following:

But he warned he was concerned for members of his team as well as the hundreds of others left in the lurch when the ‘vanity project’ was axed on Thursday.

In an interview on ‘Common Ground Committee’ Sunday night, Wallace was asked if he knew what was going to happen to him since CNN+ is being cancelled.

He responded, “No. No I don’t know. We’ll see. My gosh, it just happened on Thursday, give me a couple of days.”

“I will say this, I am going to be fine. I’m in good shape whether it’s CNN or some place else,” he added.

Wallace is being mocked by conservatives for the predicament he is now in.

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  1. People at CNN not only Wallace deserves what is happening to them for lying to the American people with their fakes news. I hope every news that is doing the same gets the same too. This has gone way too far and that’s why they are losing viewers, it’s coming to all of them!🤗🤞

  2. Your dad would be SO proud of what you did to your journalistic integrity. I’ll bet if you play your cards right you can end up like Dan Blather interviewing aging rockers!

  3. My guess it was a slip of the tongue when Trump mentioned that he was fired from FOX!! There is more here than meets the eye!! I think he had low ratings and that left to his demise!! Buh Bye Moron!

  4. Far as I am concerned he can put a square peg in his round hole.
    When he treated Trump like crap before the last election I wrote him off for good. He’s dead to me. Maybe he could star in some zombie movies.


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