WATCH: Portland resident sounds the alarm on criminals’ next target as businesses flee the city

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Portland, Oregon, residents are sounding the alarm on the city’s crime crisis after more than 300 criminal cases in the area were dismissed, including some related to felony theft, possession of a stolen vehicle, gun charges and more.

As Oregon faces a public defender shortage, residents say they wish they were surprised by the news, but activist district attorneys and a flawed justice system have culminated in a far more significant dilemma over time.

“We’re paying these public defenders slowly, and we’re paying them badly, and they don’t want to work for the state. The state controls this,” area resident Angela Todd said Thursday on “Fox & Friends First.”

“There’s so many problems in our justice system. Our vicious and continuous catch and release program, for example, is horrendous. We arrest people, we release them, they have a warrant, they fail to appear, and it just keeps going and going and going. … It’s disgusting,” Todd said.

Another Portland resident, Damian Bunting, explained that the problem is less centered around homelessness and more concentrated on perpetuating drug addiction.

“The city of Portland and, by way of that, the state of Oregon, it continues to facilitate it. Measure 110, providing free needles and drug paraphernalia. We have created, and when I say ‘we,’ I mean the people who were here well before I got here, have created an asylum for people who are seeking refuge to live this way of life, and it’s having horrible consequences,” he explained.

He further added that he believes that an “activist district attorney” has helped “facilitate the problem” himself.

The crisis has caused businesses, like Walmart, to leave the area. Although the company pointed to “financial reasons” for its closure, the withdrawal comes just months after CEO Doug McMillon warned that retail theft was wreaking havoc on stores across the nation.

“Right now, you’re seeing multiple businesses pull out of the Portland area, everything from Starbucks to Walmart, they’re taking their business across the border to Washington or just into neighboring counties,” Bunting continued.

“I think the only natural thing for [criminals] to do is to go into the houses. I think that, for the people that are living in these areas, unfortunately in my neighborhood as well, we’re going to see a rise in home break-ins, we’re going to see a rise in car theft and vandalism and petty crime, and it’s going to become much more dangerous for the people that are living here, that voted for this,” he added.



Todd, who runs @PDX.REAL on Instagram, shares reports from Portland. WATCH:

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