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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News App offers the following information published by Breitbart:

CNN anchors Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo asserted Tuesday night that the riot on Capitol Hill last Wednesday was different than the Black Lives Matter riots last summer.

Bring up the summer riots, immigration official Ken Cuccinelli said, “They just haven’t done it at the Capitol. They’ve been doing it all over the country for seven months.”

The article goes on to state the following:

Cuomo said, “That matters. That matters. Overturning the election is different than being pissed off about being shot by cops.”

Then, during the switchoff, Lemon doubled down on Cuomo’s remarks, defending the violent BLM riots while slamming the uprising at the Capitol.  WATCH BELOW:

This isn’t the first time Cuomo has defended the BLM riots. Cuomo declared on June 2, 2020, “Please show me where it says protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful.”

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  1. The very definition of hypocrisy, right here, folks! Rioters are rioters are rioters…it’s all criminal. There are no differentiations. You would justify murder, as long as it helped your political side.

  2. Those are 2 real wasted pieces of skin. They are so bias and lie through their teeth like no other. I can’t even watch CNN and their crap. I change channels immediately when it’s on. Total garbage

    • Because we are civilized people. We don’t commit crimes to get attention. We are intelligent people who use our brains, and our mouths to communicate. That is why we are here with like minded people who can carry on an intelligent conversation with each other. Just being able to do that relieves some of the built up anger we have. So Tim, don’t give up. We hear you.

  3. These despicable f…ks actually support murder, riots, looting and burning people’s property for no reason. Screw both of them…
    the he / she and the mafia wanna-be cuomo the stupid punk ass prick

  4. Cuomo and Lemon are racist individuals. How can CNN allow them to voice that destroying a persons livelihood is ok. How can CNN allow them to say it’s ok to shoot a police officer, shoot a man defending his business, bash an older couple in the head, burn police cars, burn buildings, and looting. Is that ok? Really is that fine with CNN. Because if it is we are in bigger trouble than I thought. The people at CNN are evil and whoever watches this trash station needs mental help.

    • It just makes no sense their network would let it continue but they have no morals. Unbelievable. So tired these guys get away with their bs.

    • Exactly! Seems we are becoming the minority. Unbelievable these guys get away with all they do. They put the lives of Congress ahead of the ordinary citizen that is outrageous if we are all equal supposedly.

  5. Pretty soon God is going to reign them in and it won’t be pretty. Traitors to our country for money. Money is the root of all evil. These are empty shells of people.

  6. Ultimately, the last seven days has shown the divide between conservative values and liberal values are irreconcilable. This is a fundamental issue in our country that will need to be worked through. We cannot survive with a growing divide in our values.

    Let’s convene the conservative states and convene the liberal states and divide our country similar to something we saw before the Civil War. This may be the answer to prevent Civil War and may have been best for our country all along.

    • The funny part is…if we divided the country to the pre-Civil War era the Democrats would still be the racist side. Shameful.

  7. How do these hypocrites stay on TV?! Tired of them getting away with their racist remarks and the different standards for rioters. If the riots were reversed when Obama or Biden were President they would praise their actions.

  8. And there it is. The very root of the problems in this country. The media and their lies. The media and their hypocrisy. The media and their hate. The media and their bank accounts being flooded with hush money to silence truth. I’m so sick of you. This country is sick of you.

  9. The riots and looting was justified because the lefties told us it was. Hypocrites. This won’t change America if we don’t fight back

  10. Oh so hurting innocent people’s business livelihood hurting people with lasers and beating them over the head with clubs that’s more justifiable sounds more of an excuse a BS excuse at that and by politicians putting up money to bail them out of jail that’s more justifiable we all know it was antifa who broke into the capital and probably paid for by the Democratic party just like they paid for the fake dossier

  11. Yes, indeed… a civil war is coming, and those dirty conniving treacherous liberal demorats are going to pay for what they have committed.


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