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Joe Biden and Kamala Harris made a big push to condemn Georgia’s election integrity laws on Tuesday, traveling to Atlanta in an effort to drum up support for Democrats’ proposal for a federal takeover of elections.

In addition to making false claims about Georgia’s voting laws, Biden confirmed his support for eliminating the filibuster in the Senate, in order to allow Democrats to shove through their two pieces of legislation on elections, the “Freedom to Vote Act,” and the “John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper pointed out on Tuesday that even Biden’s home state of Delaware has more restrictive voting laws than Georgia.

“Going over a lot of these election laws, I went in preparing for today and I saw, New Jersey doesn’t allow ballot harvesting, and that’s a Democratic state. Delaware doesn’t allow the kind of early voting that other states do,” Tapper said.

“The journalist in me, as well as the cynic, says, “How come Democrats only complain about strict voting regulations in red states… in Texas and Georgia, and not in Democratic states like New York?”


VIDEO: Fact Check: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris make false claim about Georgia voting law

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  1. I’d like to have heard what the on scene “reporter” had to say after his comment!
    Why is Jake Tapper sounding like a conservative “journalist”? He’s never had conservative views and he’s never been an “investigative journalist” or any other kind of “journalist”!

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  2. Whoa Jake has an actual brain cell? Watch out Jake you will face backlash. Once that happens he will backtrack and retreat because he has no spine. This is a test which he will fail. The audacity to ask such a question! Lol.

  3. Wow this goes to show you these so called journalist DON’T do the research . This one finally did. 💡 and just like that the light went on, Right Jake.


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