WATCH: Couples put on X-rated shows in NYC’s dining sheds

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Why pay for a hotel room by the hour when you can get a dining shed for free!

Empty restaurant sheds — derided by critics as havens for the homeless, makeshift toilets and rat traps — are now providing a place for raunchy al fresco quickies.

The article goes on to state the following:

One XXX-rated scene caught on video by a horrified Greenwich Village resident heading out to work on a recent morning shows a man and woman in a Cornelia Street dining hut getting down and dirty.

The resident who recorded the video said, “I just couldn’t believe it. I was like ‘Oh my God!’ ”

He captured a couple kissing in a shed with the man wearing only shorts and sneakers, looking to perhaps get ready to do more but the resident didn’t stay to find out.

Meanwhile, there was a lone man passed out in another dining shed.

He found another “couple” in the act of oral sex, when the female realized they were being filmed, she stopped and raised her head and said, “No!”

These sheds belong to the city’s Open Restaurant program which allowed struggling restaurants during the pandemic to boost sales and are now being challenged in two lawsuits.

There are currently 12,556 restaurants in the program which the city wants to make permanent.

The latest lawsuit, which was filed last week, cites the public health emergency measures that give rise to the need of the sheds have ended.

Ricardo Pacheco, a retired NYPD officer who is one of 35 plaintiffs in the lawsuit said, “The quality of life here has gone down the drain.”

Pacheco added that he saw a couple having sex in a shed on Roosevelt Avenue which is well known for prostitution.

“Whatever people are doing inside there, consenting adults or whatever, it shouldn’t be happening in our neighborhood.”


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