WATCH: Davos Speaker Calls For ‘A Billion’ People To ‘Stop Eating Meat’

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A speaker at the World Economic Forum (WEF) called for one “billion” people to “stop eating meat” Wednesday, saying it would have a “big impact” on the “current food system” and help reduce carbon emissions.

“If a billion people stop eating meat, I tell you, it has a big impact. Not only does it have a big impact on the current food system, but it will also inspire innovation of food systems,” Jim Hagemann Snabe, chairman of the Germany-based conglomerate Siemens AG, said during a panel called “Mobilizing for Climate.” The WEF’s conference in Davos, Switzerland, attended by many world leaders and top business executives, started Monday and runs through Friday.

study by the Food and Agriculture Organization said that 14.5% of “greenhouse gas emissions” came from raising livestock. Two professors from Indiana University called for an increase in the use of insect protein for human and animal diets in an op-ed published by the WEF in February 2022.

“That is a mission that we need to get on. I can inspire you to maybe look at an organization called Eat — easy to remember, Eat — who have all the facts on this and who have the policies necessary, the innovations necessary and the scale necessary in order to make food systems sustainable and healthy,” Snabe declared.


Another official at the conference, Unilever president Hanneke Faber, also called for everyone to eat less meat.

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  1. Im just wondering what their real goals are for the human race. These folks act like they are more welcome on this planet than the little people.

  2. Where do these people come from?? OMG!!! I want to see them eat insects!!! It’s all anti Christianity and everything that the Bible teaches! God put ALL you hear me!? ALL THINGS here in HIS CREATION for us!! The food the oil minerals gold silver and other precious gems the flowers trees etc just for our pleasure and use! These people need to go back to whatever galaxy they originated from and stay there! We are children of the Most High and our Heavenly Father tells us what to do not these freaks!!!

  3. I can only say…the Covid story, response and the warp speed ‘vaccine’ didn’t make sense to me (I’m a person who spent my life in healthcare)and this rant about cattle emissions destroying our atmosphere and planet doesn’t make sense either. I’ll give everyone some excellent advice…Do everything you do in balance and in moderation. It’s quite simple to do, and you’ll reap the benefits.
    You can follow Fauci and Al Gore, or Krause Schwab & Greta Thunberg…it’s your choice.

  4. I kind of stopped eating beef, but now I’m going to eat more. Just because these people said to stop eating it!😄 Hope more people do the same! Screw these dumbasses!

    • Same here! I really reduced ny red meat consumption because I thought it would be healthier, but now I’m eating more than ever. Screw those wh0res!

  5. Go pound sand, I’ll take a medium steak any day of the week. You have to ask yourself, where did idiots like this come from and who put ideas like this in their heads.

  6. That is so stupid. The idiosy of these people just overwhem me. They can quit eating meat if they want to. I am going to eat meat. If I can get it at the store I will hunt for it but I will still eat it.

  7. These weirdos just throw out the craziest thing they can think of, to see who will follow it. And then on the other hand, Bill Gates is buying up all the farm land he can get his hands on, so that there will be a meat shortage ! If they want depopulation, maybe these misfits can destroy themselves !

  8. I heard they are putting human meat in their fake food . Read it somewhere and would not put it past these devil worshippers Lucien to do just that

  9. And why doesn’t this fuck stop breathing air. We don’t take orders from dumb asses like this guy. And while he is at it, add some cockroaches to his own diet.

  10. I have news for hanneke faber, we already know to watch intakes of salt, sugar, fats and calories. Have been doing that for years. We already know that too many carbs can harm us. If you think we are going to cut out protein, you are sadly mistaken. Why don’t you eat organ meat… you suggest liver and onions. The liver filters out toxins from the body.
    Why would anyone want to eat that shit. How does the liver detoxify? – Toxins enter the body in food, water, through the skin and by inhalation. These toxins – such as pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs, chemicals and water-borne pollutants – end up in our bloodstream, and our liver filters the blood to remove them.

  11. Then start with thinning china first. They had 3.1 billion people last census. 1 billion won’t make much of a dent in the chinese population. They are elbow to elbow over there now.

  12. You guys used up all the good comments 😭. And other things to consider are:
    Food industry poisoning us.
    More hospitals, health care clinics,
    pharmaceutical megagiants to treat all
    the afflictions that result.
    Controlling health care insurance will
    lead to controlling people.
    Read quotes by Saul Alinsky.


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