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Democrat gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke, who is running against Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, led a huge protest outside the National Rifle Association convention in Houston on Friday.

The protest, organized by multiple activists groups, such as Moms Demand Action, March for Our Lives, the Harris County Democratic Party, and Black Lives Matter Houston, came just days after the horrific mass shooting at a Texas elementary school, in which two teachers and 19 students were slain.

The gun control activists were furious that the NRA went ahead with their scheduled convention, after the mass shooting.

At the protest, activists brought a number of children with photos of the victims of the Robb Elementary School shooting hanging around their necks.

Some of the children also held signs calling for gun control. One child is seen holding a sign that reads, “Am I next?”

Another group of protesters were seen marching around carrying a child-sized casket:

Gun control activist David Hogg, a former student of the high school in Parkland, Florida where 17 were killed in a mass shooting on February 14, 2018, shared a video of the crowd and tweeted, “Yeah this time is gonna be different. This is in front of the NRA convention in Houston.”

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  1. They don’t give a rip when unborn children are the target of their “abortion rights” (killing children is my fundamental right) protests. If it weren’t for double standards, they wouldn’t have standards at all.

  2. Yawn…this is a mental health issue. As soon as the Dems can have an honest conversation about the mental health crisis in America we can start to fix the problem.

  3. Robert that’s you’re name not Beto because you aren’t Hispanic your crazy asshole and stop all those rally’s because you are not going to win, it will be Abbott you creep.

  4. Where did they get the money for that casket?? It’s not like you can just buy one of those at Walmart! Do I smell Soros??

  5. They need to shut up about gun control when they promote the murder of unborn children. They don’t care about these children (they are pawns for their demonic parents or whatevers); it is for their own political gain…absolute control. They need to SHUT UP!

  6. Take your children to church and teach them right from wrong, put God back into society and teach love not hate! Stop funding BLM and all these other hate groups! You will never take away my 2nd amendment right!! They probably got into the shooters head and paid him, at innocent Childrens life’s how disgusting! Our God is watching 👀 you will be judged accordingly ✝️🙏🏼🇺🇸

  7. Unbelievably cruel but they don’t care one bit about kids! It’s all about their 2nd amendment political agenda! Sad idiots they are!

  8. Debra,
    I would not be surprised if the DemonRats were involved in this shooting in some fashion or form. That’s how evil & corrupt they are.

    • I said the same thing. Why would they care about children in schools when they are all hell bent on killing them before they are even born

  9. Wonder if the nra was a libTARD organization would they be protesting. Sure don’t see them holding babies in front of planned parenthood or the abortion clinics do you. Bunch of hypocrites. Still this entire tragedy does not make sense

  10. I’m willing to bet dems put these killers up to it. They kill children with jabs and abortions, they kill with guns and shortages of baby formula. Their entire agenda is depopulation for the NWO.

  11. Really , groups that PROMOTE violence ?? So now exploiting children AND the deceased victims? So wearing a photo of a murdered child ?? This is beyond disgusting the NRA is once again being used as a scapegoat in something they had NOTHING to do with .

  12. Political pandering for gun control; dems have no common sense or respect. They’re really trying to abolish the 2nd amendment and then they can proceed with their evil commie plans
    I think the dems have been setting up these mass shootings 1) Buffalo shooting of POC. 2). This school shooting
    All supported by Soros to cause outrage and division
    Biden submitting articles to give WHO control over US health issues could invariably mean gun control as they present it as a health issue!
    Lets go Brandon!!!


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